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All Things Light and Shiny

December 30, 2011

Hi everyone! Sorry for the slow updates.  I did tell you about them in advance didn’t I?

I hope you guys had a great Christmas celebration despite all the bad and tragic things that seems to be happening left and right.  It makes me really sad that a lot of people have to lose their homes and loved ones when they should be celebrating the Christmas season.

Anyway, I don’t want to dwell on the bad things, so let’s move on to the real agenda of this quickpost.

(My dad is breathing down my neck as I type this since he wants me to go to sleep early because I’ve been sick the past few days. 😐  But I reeeeeally need to update my blog before New Year strikes. haha!)

It was the 65th Homecoming thing of my Alma Mater last Dec. 27-29 and I got to attend last night and met up with some batchmates who I rarely see.  First in the order of business are my outfit shots! 😛

I don’t get to dress up much here due to a number of reasons (1. my dad.  nuff said.  2. Limited amount of clothes brought home from Manila.  3. People will ogle you.)  So I grabbed at the excuse to dress up a little.  Just a little, since I didn’t want to be overdressed for the event.

Blazer : Splatt Manila || Top : Mango || Leatherette Leggings : Stradivarius || Wedge Heels : Forever 21 || Accessories : Random

Thanks to Adrian Jara for the outfit photos! 😛

It’s great to have really decent looking outfit photos for once. haha!

I was supposed to wear the sequined top with jeans and without the blazer, but I changed my mind at the last minute since it seemed a little too low-key.  The subtle sheen of the leggings complemented the shimmery top and muted burgundy heels while the blazer lent a laid-back air to what would have passed as a party outfit. :))

I wasn’t planning on taking outfit photos but since my photographer friend was already there and doing nothing, I asked him to take a couple of photos using my own camera.  (Thanks again babs! haha!)

I spent the rest of the night touring the school and going around the old rooms and offices.  Hello high school and grade school days! 😛    Kayo talaga wala pa ring pinagbago.  Magugulo pa rin kayo! haha!

We also had our photos taken in the photobooth. :)) In our usual chaotic fashion, of course.

Till the next homecoming or batch reunion! 🙂



P.S. If I have any grammatical errors and the like here, sorryyyyy! I didn’t have time to edit this.

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