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Last Hurrah in Manila

December 20, 2011

By the time you read this post, I’ll be in Isabela already.  😦

I don’t know when I’ll be back in Manila or if I’ll be able to take outfit shots, let alone dress up while I’m here so I’m leaving you guys with this post.  Just in case I don’t get the chance to update my blog.  Things get a little bit crazy and busy in the province during the Christmas season.

K, I think that’s enough chitchat.

Outfit photos! 😀

Top, Skirt and Chunky Knit Sweater : Primark || Wedge Heels : Forever 21 || Bag : Ensembles

Say hello to my most sabaw and drunken looking self on the outfit photos.  These weren’t my intended outcome for the images, but apparently Jenny (ze photographer) has a penchant for snapping photos when I’m fixing my hair with my eyes closed or half-closed. :))  Oh well, so long as you can see my outfit clearly.

This is what I wore when I finally met up with my thesismates last Saturday.  At least, this was what I intended to wear.  I’m obsessed with this chunky knit sweater I got in Primark (a high street brand in London) because it looks marvelous when worn with something ultra colorful like this color block top in neon pink and orange plus an electric blue bandage skirt. Pair the ensemble with the patent leatherette burgundy wedges from Forever 21, and I felt oh-so-effortlessly chic. Not. :)) The knit sweater is a tad too warm even in December, but I love it too much to change it. haha!  Definitely a fashion over comfort moment.

Unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily and I realized that I have to change my shoes unless I want to get blisters.  The wedges were a bit loose on me and I had to walk carefully when it’s raining.  Not an easy task when you have to commute via MRT to Greenbelt. 😐 Especially when you are running late.  It was a good thing that I changed my shoes though because they would have killed my feet after all the shopping and walking we did, not to mention the commute back home. 😐

Well dearest shoesies, you’ll get your chance to be worn all day soon enough.

Here’s how my day went last Saturday…

Rach, Tin and I had a late lunch in John and Yoko…

(1-2) Sushi and Sashimi platter (3) Chisau Rice (4) Linguine (5) Bacon Wrapped…something (sorry I wasn’t paying attention to the name :)) I promise to edit this when I find out the name of this dish)

The food was decent but it was a tad overpriced, in my opinion.  I’ve had better sushi and sashimi from other restaurants.  They have small servings despite the fact that you are paying quite a lot for your food.  Although you might be paying more for the ambiance of the restaurant than the food itself. :))  Or maybe it’s just me and my “I’d rather spend on clothes than food” philosophy?

I just had to bring a camera to take some photos since we haven’t been together since our thesis defense last April :))

Hopefully, it won’t take us another 8 months to get together again. lol.

Went shopping after (you already saw the bags they got for me <3) and watched Mission Impossible 4 before heading home.

Dear Tom Cruise, why oh why do you look so yummy while running on the windows of a certain skyscraper in Dubai?


On an unrelated note, yesterday night, I remembered that I haven’t taken any photos of my dog Bean since she had her haircut so I sneaked a few shots after taking photos of my haul from Mango, courtesy of my mother.  (Thanks ma! Love youuuu! :D)

(1-2) Bean – Sleeping… then the camera shutter woke her up.  Sorry baby girl! 😦

(3) Mango Haul – Denim jean leggings ( sorry, I don’t like saying the word “jeggings” because it’s too close to jejemon. lol), paint splattered vintage-y denim shorts and sequined top. ❤

My mom made me use my own credit card (which is an extension for her card) to pay for these yesterday and it makes me feel so giddy because I felt like I was paying for it.  Emphasize on the “felt” because I’m not paying for this at all. :)) Feeler ko lang, haha!

Okay, I really have to go now!

Thank you so much for reading. ❤



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  1. Daniella permalink
    December 23, 2011 1:32 pm

    Loving your shoes! Been trying to track down such a pair for so long, I’ve almost given up.
    …I must add that this is a lovely blog.

    • December 24, 2011 11:58 am

      Thank you Daniella! 🙂 My shoes are from Forever21, I just got them recently. Maybe you can still get a pair online or from the stores. 🙂

      • Daniella permalink
        December 24, 2011 3:45 pm

        Aha! Thank you very much. x

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