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St. Nails Nail Spa

September 2, 2013

Before getting obsessed with fashion and makeup, I was in love with nail polish.   Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with nail lacquers.  I blame my mom who gets her nails done on a weekly basis.  I remember her manicurista would even apply nail polish on my toes before she leaves because I always lurk around while she packs her things. (hehe)

There was a time when I hoard every new nail polish shade I could get my hands on.  It was CRAZY.  I would change my nail polish shade every few days and I even learned to apply nail art with my left hand (I’m right handed).    Yes, I was THAT obsessed.

I’ve slowed down on the nail polish purchases, because I moved to a new apartment.  My new room happens to be a lot smaller than my old one so my storage space is now limited.

So why the tirade about nail polish?  Well, as much as I love doing my nails, once in a while, I like to treat myself to a pampering mani-pedi session and have my nails done in a salon.

It was great timing when an acquaintance asked me if I can visit her friend’s nail salon to try out the services.  I said yes right away! 😀  It was the perfect way to de-stress after a hectic week at work.

So I trekked all the way to Makati last Saturday afternoon to visit St. Nails Nail Spa.

L-O-V-E the purple color scheme!  ❤

This is what greeted me when I went inside:

I really like how they’re consistent with their branding!   Or maybe I’m biased because I love their colors. haha!  The interior has a very zen feel and it’s so quiet that you could actually fall asleep while getting a treatment.

I arrived a bit late because I got lost -_-  so some of the seats were already occupied. 🙂

Isn’t this purple sofa seat beautiful?  I seriously want one!

I just had to take photos of the mini food spread!  It’s like a cutesy version of English afternoon tea.

Aren’t these tea cups the cutest?

I looked around for a bit and took photos (obviously) before I settled into my own cushy purple seat.

St. Nails offers the following bundle treatments.  They have other services but I wasn’t able to browse anymore because they took the tab after I picked the service I want.

I was tempted to try the Gel Polish Top to Toe, but I’ve seen videos on how they remove gel polish… and well, I have really thin nails and I didn’t think they can handle being soaked in nail polish remover before being filed to submission, so I opted for the Spoil Me Now bundle instead.

I took more photos and got comfortable while Annaliza, the nail technician assigned to me, prepared the things she needs for my treatment. 🙂

The printed tiles really caught my eye.  So pretty!

St. Nails is tucked into a corner in a Petron gas station in Edsa, cor. Arnaiz ave.  It’s fairly accessible, and they’re open until 11:00PM.   🙂

This is me dipping my hand into the paraffin wax.  Sorry for the blurry photo!  My hands were all waxed up and I had to ask ate to take my photo.  Unfortunately, I forgot to switch my camera to Automatic shooting.  Hence the blur.  But, it’s not so bad right? haha!

Oh, if you’re wondering what’s slung over my shoulders, that’s a heat pad that comes with all of the bundles.  I love how it practically melted my stress away!  (Any idea where I can get one of those?)

Colors and nail art galore!  I ended up picking a premium nail art style 🙂  There will be additional charges depending on the nail art and how many nails you want to have it applied on.

My pick?  I opted for Sally Hansen’s Slick Slate for my toes, and used it as a base shade on my nail art.  The nail technician mixed the Cuccio gold nail polish with OPI Fresh Fog of Bel Air for the gradient.

This is what my nails looked after it was buffed and puffed.   Aminin nyo my nails looks so healthy! :))

Here’s what it looked like after:

I know it’s a bit messy but I took a photo before she cleaned up the cuticle areas 😀

Overall, I was really happy with the service and paraffin treatment.  The wax softened my hands and feet, plus it’s also moisturizing!  Their nail technicians are really nice and well trained.  Plus, the tools they used were sterilized and sealed!  They open them in front of you so you’re sure that they are using well sanitized equipment.

Will I be back? Most definitely!  St. Nails will be my first choice whenever I want to treat myself to a relaxing mani-pedi session. 🙂

St. Nails Nail Spa is located at the Petron station on Arnaiz Ave. Cor EDSA avenue, Makati City.



P.S. I had my nails done in other salons before.  Most of them were okay but there was one that was a complete fiasco.  The technicians were so unpleasant and she even complained that my glitter nail polish was hard to remove.  Oh and I had a serious conniption when I saw how that she’s re-using tools without cleaning them first. -_- That was the first and last time I ever visited that nail salon.  


New In: Beauty Goodies

August 13, 2013

If you’re a follower of my blog, you would know that I worked for Mega magazine for about 8 months last year.  Well, a few months back, I had a meeting with Ning of meg magazine (MEGA’s sister magazine) for a skin treatment article she wanted me to write for  their August issue.

It was quite scary because Ning has very high standards when it comes to her sections and it was my first beauty article.  Ever.

Now I don’t know if it passed muster because I’m not a skin treatment fanatic and writing for a magazine is very different from beauty blogging.  But I guess I’ll just have to check the latest issue to find out. 😀 *crossing my fingers*

But going back to the point of this post, after the meeting, Ning handed me this bag full of beauty goodies to try. Yay!  Thanks Ning! 

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

There is nothing more exciting than being face to face with a bunch of new beauty products… that and traveling… or shopping.  Ehhhh.  You get the point.

See what I mean? 😛

Garnier sheet mask – not a big fan of sheet masks or whitening products so I haven’t opened this yet.

Will review it when I’ve tried it.  So far, I haven’t seen this in any Watsons or SM Department stores I’ve been to lately so I don’t know how much it is either.  Completely unhelpful.  I know.

Davines Mellow Anti-breakage shampoo with Spinach extract – this shampoo is made for me!  Long hair? CHECK! Damaged hair DOUBLE CHECK! Prone to breakage?  CHECK CHECK CHECK!

I’ve been using sulfate free shampoos because I dyed my hair recently but I’m going to switch to this soon to see if it makes a difference.  This is rather runny but has a pleasantly mild fragrance.

I couldn’t find any posts about this but I saw that it’s about USD 25.00 for a 250mL bottle.

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream with Vitamin C and SPF 50 PA+++ 

I am an avid BB cream user and I’ve wanted to try this since I saw Dawn of Peachy Pink Sisters review this.  I’m currently using a gel moisturizer with no sunscreen so I prefer BB creams with high SPF.

I absolutely loved the consistency of this BB cream.  It was really creamy but easy to blend.  This is in the shade fair and it was a perfect match for my skin tone.  I think Dawn didn’t like this because she has oily skin, but I have dry skin so I didn’t have any problems with the formulation.  Despite the high SPF, this didn’t give me a white cast in photos.   The only negative point is it has a rather funky smell that really put me off of it.

Available in all Kiehl’s stores at P1995.00 for a 30mL tube.

Maybelline Lumineyes quad in Gray

I have the purple version of this quad and I have to say both palettes are pretty impressive in terms of pigmentation and and staying power.  I’ve worn the purple one without a primer and it lasted the whole day without creasing.

These are powder eyeshadows but the texture is very creamy and easy to blend.

This is available in all Maybelline counters nationwide at P499.00 each.  

Revlon Nail Art 

If you know me personally, then you would know that I love nail polish!  My collection is close to 400 bottles now so I haven’t been buying any lately, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like getting them as gifts 😛

This line of nail polish from Revlon prompted a lot of other brands to do the same dual ended bottle thing.  I think this format for nail polish is great because you get 2 nail polish shades for the price of one.

 Revlon came up with 3 types of nail art lacquer.  Ning probably knows I’m a nail polish girl so she gave me one of each.

  The Moon Candy (top) which is a duo consisting of a base shade and a top coat with iridescent flakey top coat.  The one I have is Moonstone. 

Expressionist is a combination of 2 bright contrasting colors.  The combinations are rather random.  I’ve been to a Revlon counter to check and they have creme/creme and creme/frost duos.  The one I have is Pop Art and both are creme formulas.

Neon is composed of 2 colors, one is a base shade and the other a bright color that will transition to a neon color when worn on top of the opaque base.

Consistency of the nail polish is similar to regular Revlon nail polish, which I do love.

These are P299.00 each at Revlon counters.


That’s everything that was in the bag.   I know I haven’t been updating much lately, so I also included mini reviews in this post (as always!) because as much as I want to make individual reviews, I can’t seem to find the time to do so.   But if you have any questions about the products that I haven’t included up there, then just leave me a comment and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Until next time! 🙂



First Impression: Essence and Pinkies Collection

June 11, 2013

Hi everyone!

I’ve been meaning to write about Essence ever since the brand was made available locally, but I always get sidetracked!  No more!  Today I’m going to show you swatches and my first impression on their Sun Club matte bronzing powder in the shade for Blondes.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder for Blondes (Php 259.00 for 15g)

Rave: I love the shade of this bronzer!  It’s not muddy or orange-y so it’s perfect for contouring.  You can also brush it on your cheeks and T-zone to add warmth to your face. It’s nicely pigmented, but not overly so that you’d have a hard time blending it (yes Sleek contour kit, I’m talking about you!).  This bronzer is available in 2 shades, 1 for Brunettes and 1 for Blondes.  Honestly, there isn’t much of a difference between the 2 so doesn’t really matter which one you’d get.  They look exactly the same when swatched.

Rant : The only thing I don’t like about this bronzer is the scent.  It smells like fake-vanilla flavoring, which is disgusting.  I’m not iffy about scented products but the smell of this  bronzer  is so strong that it really puts me off!  In case you’re interested in this bronzer, I strongly advise that you take a whiff of the tester before buying it to see how you like the scent.

The verdict?  I’ll keep on using this bronzer but I probably won’t repurchase until they come up with a fragrance free version.

Essence is a German drugstore brand and it’s available in the beauty section of select SM Department stores. 🙂

I was so STOKED when I found out that Essence is already available here!  I used to get my Essence cosmetics fix in Watsons Singapore, and I’m just so happy it’s now easier to get it.  I also love how the price isn’t blown up like most imported brands. ❤

On the flip side, be careful with the storage of these products, especially for solid but creamy products like lipsticks, concealers and pencils because they don’t hold up well in warm weather.  I have a couple of concealers and kajal pencils from Essence and I noticed that they oil up and melt a little when it gets warm.

But that’s a post for another day.

Moving on, the rest of the products that I will show you today are from Pinkies Collection.

Pinkies Collection Blusher in RUST (Php 149.50)  and Eyeshadow in SKINTONE (Php 70.00) and Bronze (Php 75.00) 

I’ve heard quite a lot of reviews about this local beauty brand and I have to say the raves are well-deserved.

They have an extensive collection in the Watsons beauty section in SM Aura, compared to other SM dept. stores.  I usually skip out on browsing local beauty products but the display counters at SM Aura are so nicely laid out and it’s not crowded  so I didn’t feel rushed or harassed while swatching the eyeshadow and blushes.

According to the saleslady, Pinkies Collection is made in France even though it’s Filipino owned.  Hesitant to purchase?   The company supports a charity and they donate a portion of the sales for every product that you buy.  Isn’t that cool?

Pinkies Collection blush in Rust

This blush looks more coral than pink in real life.  Just refer to the swatch below as it’s more true to color.

oh, I also love the simple and sleek packaging.  It doesn’t feel very sturdy but it doesn’t feel flimsy either.  I really favor straightforward containers like this because it’s not so “trying hard” to look expensive or conceal the cheap materials used in packaging.

Rust when swatched – I think I unconsciously picked up another NARS Orgasm lookalike.  I think it’s pretty similar in terms of texture and finish but Rust is more pinkish because Orgasm is a peach-y coral toned blush.

Rave: I favor shimmery blushes so I really like the finish of this blush.  It is a bit more pricey compared to blushes from other local brands, but I can vouch for the quality of this product.  All the other local brands just pale in comparison.  It’s very pigmented and easy to blend (which is always a plus because a little goes a long way) and it lasts for over 5 hours even if you commute.   It lasts longer if you don’t sweat a lot.

I noticed that this blush doesn’t have any strong fragrance so that’s a good thing too!

Rant: I don’t have anything bad to say about this blush!  I was rather impressed with it actually.  The only problem I can see with this blush is the staying power.  If you’re the kind of person who dislikes retouching makeup throughout the day, then you’re better off investing in a longer lasting blush because this will not last long, esp. if you commute or if you sweat a lot.

Eyeshadow pots in Skintone and Bronze 

These eyeshadow singles actually don’t come in pots, but the Pinkies Collection lady was kind enough to give me free pots for my purchases.  Probably because I was the first customer that day? 😀

I accidentally nicked the Bronze shade with my nail the day I bought it. 😦

Anyhoo, I thought the pots were a nice, but notice how they’re exactly like MAC eyeshadow pots?  I guess I shouldn’t dwell on it.  It’s free, for heaven’s sake. 

Bronze & Skintone when swatched 

Skintone is just a bit darker than my skin but it’s still fair enough that it works as a base shade.

Bronze is just as the name says it is, bronze.  It’s the perfect shade to wear if you want to look sunkissed. 🙂 (Don’t forget to warm up your skintone with bronzer so you won’t look so pale)

Rave: I love the texture of these eyeshadows!  It’s buttery and blendable.  Not Urban Decay kind of buttery but for the price you’re paying, these are pretty decent. I am yet to wear these without a primer, so I don’t know how long it would last before creasing.  I’ll make sure to update this post as soon as I’ve given it a wear test. 🙂

Rant:  It can be a bit tricky to make skintone show up on my skin but as I experienced the same with Urban Decay, I don’t think it’s a big deal.  Besides, it’s a base shade.

So if you’re looking for affordable eyeshadow singles, I think these are pretty good.


Overall, I’m a bit disappointed with the Essence bronzer because of the scent.  Other than that, it’s all good.  I still love Essence and I will be reviewing the rest of the products that I have from them.

As for Pinkies Collection, I was pleasantly surprised with the brand!  The quality is impressive, considering how affordable it is.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting more makeup from them soon. 🙂

That’s it for the first impression and mini review.

Until my next post!



Bangkok Travel Diary

June 10, 2013

Hi guys!  I went to Bangkok with my family last month and I just want to share with you some of the places we visited.

I almost didn’t want to post this because my camera files got corrupted and I lost most of the photos I took 😦  It’s so sad!  I love taking photos when I travel and I think they make really priceless memories and souvenirs, so I was really crestfallen when I saw that the bulk of my photos were gone.  I guess it was a good thing it wasn’t my first time in the city…

of course I’m telling myself that so I won’t feel so bad… 

But anyway!  Let me share with you what I can, yes?

First tidbits and view of the city.  I don’t have much because I was too busy shopping the first few days, and unfortunately, those were the only photos that weren’t corrupted.

Random canal I always pass by on the way to Baiyoke market and Platinum mall.

Me and my sister on top of Fa Sai 🙂 She’s a 30 year-old elephant from the Elephant village.

Temple snapshots!  A trip to Bangkok isn’t complete without a visit to one of the 400+ temples in the city alone.

The ubiquitous Tuk-tuk which is a cross between a tricycle and a jeepney.   If you choose to ride this when you visit Bangkok, hold on to your belongings like your life depends on it because the driver will drive like a boss.  I am not kidding.

Can you see Pratunam market?

Don’t be alarmed! These weren’t used to beat people bloody….

It was used to cook sticky rice. 😉

Random snapshots of a very small number of street vendors.  You’d be overwhelmed when you see just how many there are in real life.

A cute bunny in the alligator farm.

Just to end this brief travel diary with a cute and furry note.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post 🙂



Birthday Beauty Loot

June 3, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I’m back for another beauty post.  Despite my best intentions to post product reviews, I always end up getting too busy to sit down and review things.  Before I realize it, I’m sitting down and editing yet another haul post.

What is it about hauls that’s so fun and exciting? I almost always tend to squeeze in the post when it’s a haul. Hmm…

I know, I’m rambling.   Sigh.  I just turned 22 last month and while I always look forward to my birthday, I just can’t help but feel a little mortified knowing I’m already in my early twenties.  Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was a college freshman?  What the f*** happened?!

But anyway, enough about my woes on getting older. The best part of celebrating your birthday is receiving gifts! 😀

I want to share with you things that were gifted to me on my birthday, and some things that I indulged in.

Here are all the new things I got last month! 🙂

Let’s start with the Estee Lauder makeup set.

Isn’t it just beautiful?  This was given to me by my tita who lives in Vegas. 🙂  The set contains 2 makeup compacts, 4 lipsticks (mostly frosted), 2 lip gloss tubes, 1 nail polish, 1 travel size mascara, 1 lip liner, and 1 eyeliner.

This is what the inside of the compacts look like.

I’m looking forward to trying and reviewing this set. I shot up straight to makeup heaven the moment I opened it.

Thank you mommy Bebs, for this awesome makeup set 🙂

MAC & Chanel goodies


I’ve been obsessing over this lipstick shade since August last year.  By the time I started to take more interest in makeup, this limited edition lipstick was long gone!  *SOB* So when I heard that it was going to be repromoted, I asked my cousin who lives in LA to get me 2 tubes of Heroine.  Turns out, she already got them for me because she knows how much I wanted it!!  And because she’s awesome, she even threw in a Chanel loose powder and a Heroine lipliner as my birthday gift.

There are no words to describe how I felt when I finally got my hands on these.

No words.

But I admit I ended up squealing and bouncing around my room. 

Ben Nye Banana Powder, Japonesque Heated lash curler, La Femme blush palette by Palette Lab

I’ve been feeling like I was stuck in my blush routine because it seemed like I didn’t have enough variety in terms of color families and shades so I ordered a 12-pan palette from La Femme and filled it with varying shades of pink, peach and purple blushes.  So happy with these!  They are so inexpensive but the quality is right up there with MAC and Makeup Forever.

Ben Nye Banana Powder in the 3 oz bottle…  Do I really need to explain this? :))

Japonesque heated lash curler – the only lash curler that really works on my stubborn lashes!

I bought all of these items myself.  I’ve been wanting to try the Ben Nye powder and La Femme blushes for so long but I couldn’t find an online shop that carries La Femme.  Ben Nye on the order hand is either sold out or overpriced.  I got sick of waiting and searching for shops so I just asked my cousin to order these for me.

Oh, in case you’re lemming for La Femme blushes or Ben Nye Banana powder, I actually ordered a small batch to sell in my online shop 🙂  I haven’t set it up yet but I will definitely post it here once everything is up and running.

ELF studio blushes, baked blushes, bronzer and blush duo, and warm bronzer

I’m an ELF convert!  After buying 1 studio blush and eyebrow kit last year, I thought the brand was just so-so.  I almost forgot about them until I came across a rave review about the eyebrow kit.  I tried using it again early this year and I got hooked!  I even liked the blush so much I ordered these from the states.  Most of their studio blush shades aren’t available locally so I was really happy when I found a seller who accepts pre-order and even sells these cheaper than in department stores.

K-palette 2-way eyebrow liner and 24 hour tattoo liquid liner

A good friend who lives in Japan got these for me when she visited Manila for a vacation. She actually got me 2 sets, but I’m already using the 1st set. 😀  These are available locally (both online and in malls) but they have a  60-100 percent mark up.  CRAZY.

Ate Mickey, if  you’re reading this, THANK YOU! 😀

Suesh 18-piece Vegan Brush set (Php 3000.00)

I’ve always been iffy about buying brushes from Suesh because they cost more than I expect.  I always compute how much something would cost in my head before I check the price. Do you do this too or is it just me?  With Suesh brush sets, they always exceed my “expected price” so I couldn’t bring myself to buy any.

Until someone asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

I always knew that if I’m going to buy a set of brushes from Suesh, it will be this set.  Now I hazzz it!

I love the pale pink brush roll, the champagne and mauve color scheme of the brushes. The brushes itself are pretty decent!

More thorough review on this set next time!

Thank you for the generous gift! You know who you are 🙂

Parian Spirit brush cleaner (Php 800.00 for 16 oz.) and cleaning jar (Php 350.00)

Spatula (Php 75.00) and Velcro hair thingamajigs (Php 80.00/pair)

Picked these items up at Suesh as well. 🙂  The Parian Spirit is an excellent brush cleaner, but if you’re not fond of strong citrus-y scents,  this is not for you.    I also picked up some mini spatula and velcro whatchamacallits.   I don’t know what these are called but these are the things you slap on your hair to keep them away from your face while slathering on some face gunk applying makeup.

I am very happy with all the gifts and my purchases for the past month.  Truth be told, I’m a little overwhelmed by all these new makeup and beauty tools.  I think I’ll be imposing a makeup shopping ban for a couple of months since I have waaay too much makeup already.  Don’t worry I still have a couple of haul posts lined-up! 

So far, May was an awesome month for me and I hope it went just as great for you as well.

Til my next haul or review post!



P.S.  What do you think of my photos?  Are they better?  I forgot to mention that I also got a Canon 650D for my birthday and I am loving it so far! 🙂 More about it next time.

Going Thai

May 5, 2013

Hi everyone!

I just got back from a trip to Bangkok last Tuesday, and it’s taken me a while to settle back into the daily grind.  I was away for 5 days so I had a lot to make up for.

So anyway, before leaving for Thailand, I promised to myself that I’m NOT buying any beauty products or makeup.  The reason being, I have way too many already, and I wanted to save my money for clothes.  I’m pretty sure you all know Bangkok is the place to be if you’re on the hunt for affordable and good quality clothing.

But because this blog post exists, I think you can already guess that I didn’t keep my promise.  I am swearing up and down that I really tried not to buy any makeup, but…. I just couldn’t help it!  And no self-respecting beauty junkie would have.  You’ll find out why in a minute! haha!  Might as well leave you hanging about the beauty products and show you some random things I was able to get.

photo 1

A small pile of clothes and a traditional Thai sling bag.  I have no idea why I didn’t feel like shopping for clothes that much.  I bought mostly basics and plain colored shirts, a pair of burgundy harem pants, maxi dresses, a funky shirt dress and just 1 striped blazer.  Yes, I think that’s a very small pile! Bawal kumontra!

photo 2

As far as accessories go, these 3 rings are all I got along with 3 leather belts.   The hot weather isn’t very encouraging when in comes to accessorizing so I bought rings  since they are the least cloying accessories when you’re sweating profusely.

photo 3

1 of the 2 covers for Thailand Vogue, May issue.  Lovely editorials and mood boards!

photo 4

I’ve become a caffeine junkie as of late and I couldn’t help my addiction.  I just had to hoard this delicious Thai Milk tea and grabbed a bag of Nescafe karamelly coffee along the way.

Have I left you hanging long enough?  Yes? No?


Okay, fine.  I think I tortured you all long enough.

So there’s Maybelline, Garnier, eyelid tape, cute band aids… and ooh what’s that?  The others are local Thai cosmetic brands and products 😉   Scroll down below for the detailed photos.

Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioners from L’oreal.

I already hauled these from my Singapore trip late last year, so I just had to reload my stash.  I know it’s already out in the Philippines, but I’m pretty sure it’s more expensive here.

Oh, I threw in a tub of Hydrating masque for good measure.  Excuse the horrible photo.

Before I proceed to the detailed breakdown of the products, please bear in mind that most of the photos have filters in them, but I didn’t add any to the photos of the makeup to show you the true colors of the products.  I did try to edit them to appear as close to their actual shades. 🙂 

I just want to share that I was surprised that Thailand actually has a wide variety and multitude of beauty brands.  I didn’t expect to buy any beauty products on this trip, simply because I didn’t think there would be anything worth trying.

Then I saw that they have Boots, Watsons and a lot of local beauty stores…  I literally heard my wallet say uh-oh as my brain urged me to check them out.  haha!

Anyway, let’s begin with this product!

Garnier BB cream

I don’t know if you’ve heard of these.  I’ve seen a couple of reviews on this BB cream, mostly from Australian and British beauty bloggers on Youtube and they were raving about how wonderful and affordable it is.  So when I saw this while browsing at Boots, I just knew I had to get one and try it myself.

I am yet to open and swatch it but I just have to say I was bowled over with the price.  It was normally 209 baht (roughly 300 Php) but  Boots was having a 10% sale on ALL of their regular priced products so I got this for only 179 baht (roughly 260 php).   It is a 20 mL tube so it is a pretty small amount compared to most BB creams out there, but it still is pretty cheap for something from Garnier.

Maybelline Falsies (Thai version), Lip and Eye Makeup remover, NY Limited Fashion Edition Baby Lips

I’m sure you’re all familiar with these products as they are available locally, though I’m not sure if the Limited Edition Baby Lips is available here.  I bought these only  because they were so much cheaper!  The mascara was on sale so it was 225 Baht (approx. PhP 335.00) compared to Php 499.00 here, the makeup remover was 100 baht (approx. PhP 150.00) versus the local price of PhP 200.00 and the Baby lips was 59.00 Baht (approx. PhP 80.00) .  I think this one is just a little more expensive, but I’m not sure.

I actually wanted to get the Maybelline Lashionista, but I figured it’s best to stick with a mascara that I’ve tried and tested. 🙂

Doesn’t the Thai version of the Falsies mascara look so cute?

This is one of the local Thai beauty brands I posted about in Instagram before.  Gino McCray is available in Beauty Buffet stores in Bangkok.   This powder blush is something I got, last minute because it was a dead ringer for Nars Orgasm.

I’ve seen [and bought] a multitude of so-called Nars Orgasm dupes but I think none of them came as close as this one.

This shade is Sandra Rose, and it’s a very vibrant shade of peach with gold shimmer.  I got this for 295 Baht (approx. PhP 450.00) and I picked this up right before the shuttle passed by the hotel to pick us up and bring us to the airport.  This wasn’t on sale but I liked it so much [plus I was rushing so] I just didn’t care.

I’m still testing this blush and I intend to create a separate review about this.  I might include comparison swatches to the other blushes I have that are similar to it so stay tuned for that! 🙂

Gino McCray Eyeshadow single in Pale Peach 

This is something I got the first time I went to Beauty Buffet.  It’s a very nice eyeshadow, it’s very pigmented and glides on the eyelids real smooth.  It does appear a bit too brown and bronze in the photo and in actual but the eyeshadow is very peachy when applied on the skin.   It’s such a nice eyeshadow shade for the summer! It’s also buildable so you can layer it to get more dimension for your eyes. 🙂

Not sure how long it lasts without a primer.  Will update you guys as soon as I test it out.

Beauty Cottage eyeshadow duo in Milk Chocolate and Peach Choco

I love the packaging of these eyeshadows!  It’s a perfect mix of Victorian and whimsical florals. 🙂

Just like the Gino McCray, these eyeshadows are pretty blendable and pigmented!  I was supposed to get the single eyeshadow pots but they weren’t on sale and they cost 260 Baht each.   They’re exactly the same as these except these have 2 shadows and comes in bigger pots…

I’m not fond of duo eyeshadow pots but these were super cheap!  The prices were slashed from 360 Baht to 315 Baht.  But the best part is, these were on buy 1 take 1 sale.  Amazeballs right!?  It was my first time to find a product that is on sale and is even on a buy 1 get 1 free promotion.  My eyes probably popped out of their sockets when the sales assistant confirmed that I didn’t misinterpret the Thai sign. 😮  Now tell me you can resist that tempting sale!  I definitely didn’t. haha!

Here’s how the shades are like!

This is Peach Choco

I think this color combination is perfect for the summer!

This is Milk Chocolate 

Just your regular black and white shimmer eyeshadow.  I got this mainly for the white eyeshadow because it’s a nice highlight shade and the black one is perfect for soft-lining your eyes or for creating a smoky eye look.  You just can’t go wrong with this combination.

A closer look at the L’oreal Ever Pure Color Care shampoo and conditioner

Notice that the shampoo is Rosemary Juniper and the Conditioner is Rosemary Mint?  They have different scents and I find that the conditioner smells a little too manly, even for me.  I like masculine scents and perfumes, but shampoo is another story altogether.

It’s my first time to get the Smoothing System  line but I do hope it smells better than the Rosemary ones.

So that’s it for my Thai Beauty haul post. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this and do let me know what you think in the comments down below.  If you saw a particular product you want a more thorough review on, just leave me a comment 🙂

I’m currently working on my Thailand travel diary, a collective April beauty haul post, April beauty favorites and misses, and a whole bunch of posts I wish I’d finish in time. :))

I’m actually thinking of creating a Youtube channel so I can just chat away about these but I think it’ll take me longer to post them… Or maybe I won’t post them because I look annoying in videos… uhhh… *goes back to writing*

Seriously though, what do you guys think?




Just have to share this photo of me and my dad being a photobomber. :))

photo 5

My Life in Instagram

April 8, 2013

Do you have those moments when you put off writing a post this weekend, then the next one, and again until you realize it’s been months since you last posted anything?

*timidly raises hand*

I’ve been burying my head into the In Death series by JD Robb/Nora Roberts the past few months.  It’s been eating up every spare moment of my life that I’m not busy and I managed to go through 35 books in 2 months (yes that’s how obsessed I am).

Which hereby justifies the lack of updates in this poor abandoned blog (not anymore!).

I therefore make up for the absence with this photo diary of how Feb-March 2013 went for me, cut down into sections and all.

First off: Fashion


Leopard print blazer

This one is a favorite.  I absolutely adore the Alexander McQueen-esque blazer and Burberry-ish wedge heels.


I got obsessed with Fall colors a little later than I should have.

But then, I’ve always had a thing for military green and boots.

Fashion haul

The parka I bought on a whim (no regrets!), studded sportif top with a sheer panel at the back and an olive green maxi skirt with side slits.  Fashion Haul 2

Pleated leather skirt, studded top and pajama print trousers.

So help me, I went over and beyond budget last month.



My current favorite accessories.

Gold Gold Gold.

Where there is Fashion, Beauty follows:

Emergency Beauty Kit

Finally completed my emergency makeup kit! 🙂

Will post an intensive review soon.

MUA haul

My Makeup Academy haul!

Eyeshadow, glitter liners, powder, bronzers, blush, and lip gloss.  Name it, I have it!

Selling most of these items.  Let me just work on my page and I’ll post it here soon 🙂

Magnum Beauty Look

My makeup look for the Magnum event last February 27. I really love having an excuse to wear dramatic makeup. 😀

Bored in the Office

Bored in the office.


Playing with my hair… Must. Re-dye. SOON.


Love love love this L’oreal nail stickers!

A work-related shindig:

Magnum with Denise

At the Magnum event with Denise.  It was a mad dash from the prepping up until the drive to the venue.  Keeping the details to myself in case Denise reads this. HAHA! 😛


Got another chance to wear my Eric Manansala neck piece and YSL heels ❤

Food Business:

Working in the restaurant/Food industry means eating.  A lot.

Ying Ying

Ying Ying mini food trip with Denise and Jel. Red Velvet

Tried Sebastian’s red velvet ice cream.

Mary Grace

Mary Grace’s Cream Dory and leeks (something) pasta.  Sorry I couldn’t remember!  But I do love this, especially the garlic bread. YUM!


A visit to Friuli Trattoria.

Dolce Latte

Dolcelatte club sandwich!


AH! Brasas ❤


Forever favorite at Banapple!

My Baby Bean the doggy:

Bean 2 Bean 3 Bean

Yeah, she’s naturally cute and adorable like that.  She makes me smile in the mornings and melts away the stress of an entire work day the moment she meets me by the door when I get home.  Although she makes it hard to leave the house sometimes. HAHA!

The things that I’ve been busy with lately:

closet dresser

I just moved to our other house and we’ve all been up to our necks moving all of our stuff!  We just finished everything yesterday, although I still have a TON of stuff to organize in my room.   It happens to be significantly smaller than my old room so my “kamada” skills are being stretched in all possible directions.

Will post photos and overhaul my blog as soon as all of the crap lying around in my room gets settled!



My favorite chips and the best dishwashing liquid ever!  All from Echostore!  I use the dishwashing liquid to clean my brushes or mix it with water and just leave a cup of the mixture in my bathroom or in my room to get rid of the new paint smell.  Why?  Because it smells so nice, relaxing and very much like a spa! ❤

(which explains the liter-sized bottle)

Nails and book

My current favorite nail products!

Paris Souvenirs

Memories from a trip to Europe.


I adore these Woody stackable containers!  I think they’re perfect for lipsticks or baubles…  But they don’t go well with  my room interior so I’m thinking of shopping for my room organizers this weekend.


On a completely unrelated note…  I’m planning to get a new DSLR with a flipping viewfinder because I’m planning to start a beauty video blog, plus re-open my online store and overhaul my blog (EXCITED!).

I’m also looking out for an affordable digital camera with nice vidcam features.  Nothing spiffy, just a decent camera that I can take with me to shoot videos or pictures when I don’t feel like lugging a DSLR around.  Please give me a recommendation in the comment box below if you have any suggested models! 😀

AHH!   So many things to be excited about this summer!  I’ll update you guys soon!  ❤