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Birthday Beauty Loot

June 3, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I’m back for another beauty post.  Despite my best intentions to post product reviews, I always end up getting too busy to sit down and review things.  Before I realize it, I’m sitting down and editing yet another haul post.

What is it about hauls that’s so fun and exciting? I almost always tend to squeeze in the post when it’s a haul. Hmm…

I know, I’m rambling.   Sigh.  I just turned 22 last month and while I always look forward to my birthday, I just can’t help but feel a little mortified knowing I’m already in my early twenties.  Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was a college freshman?  What the f*** happened?!

But anyway, enough about my woes on getting older. The best part of celebrating your birthday is receiving gifts! 😀

I want to share with you things that were gifted to me on my birthday, and some things that I indulged in.

Here are all the new things I got last month! 🙂

Let’s start with the Estee Lauder makeup set.

Isn’t it just beautiful?  This was given to me by my tita who lives in Vegas. 🙂  The set contains 2 makeup compacts, 4 lipsticks (mostly frosted), 2 lip gloss tubes, 1 nail polish, 1 travel size mascara, 1 lip liner, and 1 eyeliner.

This is what the inside of the compacts look like.

I’m looking forward to trying and reviewing this set. I shot up straight to makeup heaven the moment I opened it.

Thank you mommy Bebs, for this awesome makeup set 🙂

MAC & Chanel goodies


I’ve been obsessing over this lipstick shade since August last year.  By the time I started to take more interest in makeup, this limited edition lipstick was long gone!  *SOB* So when I heard that it was going to be repromoted, I asked my cousin who lives in LA to get me 2 tubes of Heroine.  Turns out, she already got them for me because she knows how much I wanted it!!  And because she’s awesome, she even threw in a Chanel loose powder and a Heroine lipliner as my birthday gift.

There are no words to describe how I felt when I finally got my hands on these.

No words.

But I admit I ended up squealing and bouncing around my room. 

Ben Nye Banana Powder, Japonesque Heated lash curler, La Femme blush palette by Palette Lab

I’ve been feeling like I was stuck in my blush routine because it seemed like I didn’t have enough variety in terms of color families and shades so I ordered a 12-pan palette from La Femme and filled it with varying shades of pink, peach and purple blushes.  So happy with these!  They are so inexpensive but the quality is right up there with MAC and Makeup Forever.

Ben Nye Banana Powder in the 3 oz bottle…  Do I really need to explain this? :))

Japonesque heated lash curler – the only lash curler that really works on my stubborn lashes!

I bought all of these items myself.  I’ve been wanting to try the Ben Nye powder and La Femme blushes for so long but I couldn’t find an online shop that carries La Femme.  Ben Nye on the order hand is either sold out or overpriced.  I got sick of waiting and searching for shops so I just asked my cousin to order these for me.

Oh, in case you’re lemming for La Femme blushes or Ben Nye Banana powder, I actually ordered a small batch to sell in my online shop 🙂  I haven’t set it up yet but I will definitely post it here once everything is up and running.

ELF studio blushes, baked blushes, bronzer and blush duo, and warm bronzer

I’m an ELF convert!  After buying 1 studio blush and eyebrow kit last year, I thought the brand was just so-so.  I almost forgot about them until I came across a rave review about the eyebrow kit.  I tried using it again early this year and I got hooked!  I even liked the blush so much I ordered these from the states.  Most of their studio blush shades aren’t available locally so I was really happy when I found a seller who accepts pre-order and even sells these cheaper than in department stores.

K-palette 2-way eyebrow liner and 24 hour tattoo liquid liner

A good friend who lives in Japan got these for me when she visited Manila for a vacation. She actually got me 2 sets, but I’m already using the 1st set. 😀  These are available locally (both online and in malls) but they have a  60-100 percent mark up.  CRAZY.

Ate Mickey, if  you’re reading this, THANK YOU! 😀

Suesh 18-piece Vegan Brush set (Php 3000.00)

I’ve always been iffy about buying brushes from Suesh because they cost more than I expect.  I always compute how much something would cost in my head before I check the price. Do you do this too or is it just me?  With Suesh brush sets, they always exceed my “expected price” so I couldn’t bring myself to buy any.

Until someone asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

I always knew that if I’m going to buy a set of brushes from Suesh, it will be this set.  Now I hazzz it!

I love the pale pink brush roll, the champagne and mauve color scheme of the brushes. The brushes itself are pretty decent!

More thorough review on this set next time!

Thank you for the generous gift! You know who you are 🙂

Parian Spirit brush cleaner (Php 800.00 for 16 oz.) and cleaning jar (Php 350.00)

Spatula (Php 75.00) and Velcro hair thingamajigs (Php 80.00/pair)

Picked these items up at Suesh as well. 🙂  The Parian Spirit is an excellent brush cleaner, but if you’re not fond of strong citrus-y scents,  this is not for you.    I also picked up some mini spatula and velcro whatchamacallits.   I don’t know what these are called but these are the things you slap on your hair to keep them away from your face while slathering on some face gunk applying makeup.

I am very happy with all the gifts and my purchases for the past month.  Truth be told, I’m a little overwhelmed by all these new makeup and beauty tools.  I think I’ll be imposing a makeup shopping ban for a couple of months since I have waaay too much makeup already.  Don’t worry I still have a couple of haul posts lined-up! 

So far, May was an awesome month for me and I hope it went just as great for you as well.

Til my next haul or review post!



P.S.  What do you think of my photos?  Are they better?  I forgot to mention that I also got a Canon 650D for my birthday and I am loving it so far! 🙂 More about it next time.

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