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Going Thai

May 5, 2013

Hi everyone!

I just got back from a trip to Bangkok last Tuesday, and it’s taken me a while to settle back into the daily grind.  I was away for 5 days so I had a lot to make up for.

So anyway, before leaving for Thailand, I promised to myself that I’m NOT buying any beauty products or makeup.  The reason being, I have way too many already, and I wanted to save my money for clothes.  I’m pretty sure you all know Bangkok is the place to be if you’re on the hunt for affordable and good quality clothing.

But because this blog post exists, I think you can already guess that I didn’t keep my promise.  I am swearing up and down that I really tried not to buy any makeup, but…. I just couldn’t help it!  And no self-respecting beauty junkie would have.  You’ll find out why in a minute! haha!  Might as well leave you hanging about the beauty products and show you some random things I was able to get.

photo 1

A small pile of clothes and a traditional Thai sling bag.  I have no idea why I didn’t feel like shopping for clothes that much.  I bought mostly basics and plain colored shirts, a pair of burgundy harem pants, maxi dresses, a funky shirt dress and just 1 striped blazer.  Yes, I think that’s a very small pile! Bawal kumontra!

photo 2

As far as accessories go, these 3 rings are all I got along with 3 leather belts.   The hot weather isn’t very encouraging when in comes to accessorizing so I bought rings  since they are the least cloying accessories when you’re sweating profusely.

photo 3

1 of the 2 covers for Thailand Vogue, May issue.  Lovely editorials and mood boards!

photo 4

I’ve become a caffeine junkie as of late and I couldn’t help my addiction.  I just had to hoard this delicious Thai Milk tea and grabbed a bag of Nescafe karamelly coffee along the way.

Have I left you hanging long enough?  Yes? No?


Okay, fine.  I think I tortured you all long enough.

So there’s Maybelline, Garnier, eyelid tape, cute band aids… and ooh what’s that?  The others are local Thai cosmetic brands and products 😉   Scroll down below for the detailed photos.

Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioners from L’oreal.

I already hauled these from my Singapore trip late last year, so I just had to reload my stash.  I know it’s already out in the Philippines, but I’m pretty sure it’s more expensive here.

Oh, I threw in a tub of Hydrating masque for good measure.  Excuse the horrible photo.

Before I proceed to the detailed breakdown of the products, please bear in mind that most of the photos have filters in them, but I didn’t add any to the photos of the makeup to show you the true colors of the products.  I did try to edit them to appear as close to their actual shades. 🙂 

I just want to share that I was surprised that Thailand actually has a wide variety and multitude of beauty brands.  I didn’t expect to buy any beauty products on this trip, simply because I didn’t think there would be anything worth trying.

Then I saw that they have Boots, Watsons and a lot of local beauty stores…  I literally heard my wallet say uh-oh as my brain urged me to check them out.  haha!

Anyway, let’s begin with this product!

Garnier BB cream

I don’t know if you’ve heard of these.  I’ve seen a couple of reviews on this BB cream, mostly from Australian and British beauty bloggers on Youtube and they were raving about how wonderful and affordable it is.  So when I saw this while browsing at Boots, I just knew I had to get one and try it myself.

I am yet to open and swatch it but I just have to say I was bowled over with the price.  It was normally 209 baht (roughly 300 Php) but  Boots was having a 10% sale on ALL of their regular priced products so I got this for only 179 baht (roughly 260 php).   It is a 20 mL tube so it is a pretty small amount compared to most BB creams out there, but it still is pretty cheap for something from Garnier.

Maybelline Falsies (Thai version), Lip and Eye Makeup remover, NY Limited Fashion Edition Baby Lips

I’m sure you’re all familiar with these products as they are available locally, though I’m not sure if the Limited Edition Baby Lips is available here.  I bought these only  because they were so much cheaper!  The mascara was on sale so it was 225 Baht (approx. PhP 335.00) compared to Php 499.00 here, the makeup remover was 100 baht (approx. PhP 150.00) versus the local price of PhP 200.00 and the Baby lips was 59.00 Baht (approx. PhP 80.00) .  I think this one is just a little more expensive, but I’m not sure.

I actually wanted to get the Maybelline Lashionista, but I figured it’s best to stick with a mascara that I’ve tried and tested. 🙂

Doesn’t the Thai version of the Falsies mascara look so cute?

This is one of the local Thai beauty brands I posted about in Instagram before.  Gino McCray is available in Beauty Buffet stores in Bangkok.   This powder blush is something I got, last minute because it was a dead ringer for Nars Orgasm.

I’ve seen [and bought] a multitude of so-called Nars Orgasm dupes but I think none of them came as close as this one.

This shade is Sandra Rose, and it’s a very vibrant shade of peach with gold shimmer.  I got this for 295 Baht (approx. PhP 450.00) and I picked this up right before the shuttle passed by the hotel to pick us up and bring us to the airport.  This wasn’t on sale but I liked it so much [plus I was rushing so] I just didn’t care.

I’m still testing this blush and I intend to create a separate review about this.  I might include comparison swatches to the other blushes I have that are similar to it so stay tuned for that! 🙂

Gino McCray Eyeshadow single in Pale Peach 

This is something I got the first time I went to Beauty Buffet.  It’s a very nice eyeshadow, it’s very pigmented and glides on the eyelids real smooth.  It does appear a bit too brown and bronze in the photo and in actual but the eyeshadow is very peachy when applied on the skin.   It’s such a nice eyeshadow shade for the summer! It’s also buildable so you can layer it to get more dimension for your eyes. 🙂

Not sure how long it lasts without a primer.  Will update you guys as soon as I test it out.

Beauty Cottage eyeshadow duo in Milk Chocolate and Peach Choco

I love the packaging of these eyeshadows!  It’s a perfect mix of Victorian and whimsical florals. 🙂

Just like the Gino McCray, these eyeshadows are pretty blendable and pigmented!  I was supposed to get the single eyeshadow pots but they weren’t on sale and they cost 260 Baht each.   They’re exactly the same as these except these have 2 shadows and comes in bigger pots…

I’m not fond of duo eyeshadow pots but these were super cheap!  The prices were slashed from 360 Baht to 315 Baht.  But the best part is, these were on buy 1 take 1 sale.  Amazeballs right!?  It was my first time to find a product that is on sale and is even on a buy 1 get 1 free promotion.  My eyes probably popped out of their sockets when the sales assistant confirmed that I didn’t misinterpret the Thai sign. 😮  Now tell me you can resist that tempting sale!  I definitely didn’t. haha!

Here’s how the shades are like!

This is Peach Choco

I think this color combination is perfect for the summer!

This is Milk Chocolate 

Just your regular black and white shimmer eyeshadow.  I got this mainly for the white eyeshadow because it’s a nice highlight shade and the black one is perfect for soft-lining your eyes or for creating a smoky eye look.  You just can’t go wrong with this combination.

A closer look at the L’oreal Ever Pure Color Care shampoo and conditioner

Notice that the shampoo is Rosemary Juniper and the Conditioner is Rosemary Mint?  They have different scents and I find that the conditioner smells a little too manly, even for me.  I like masculine scents and perfumes, but shampoo is another story altogether.

It’s my first time to get the Smoothing System  line but I do hope it smells better than the Rosemary ones.

So that’s it for my Thai Beauty haul post. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this and do let me know what you think in the comments down below.  If you saw a particular product you want a more thorough review on, just leave me a comment 🙂

I’m currently working on my Thailand travel diary, a collective April beauty haul post, April beauty favorites and misses, and a whole bunch of posts I wish I’d finish in time. :))

I’m actually thinking of creating a Youtube channel so I can just chat away about these but I think it’ll take me longer to post them… Or maybe I won’t post them because I look annoying in videos… uhhh… *goes back to writing*

Seriously though, what do you guys think?




Just have to share this photo of me and my dad being a photobomber. :))

photo 5

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  1. May 20, 2013 6:23 pm

    You can’t visit a foreign land w/o checking/buying their cosmetics! That’s a no-no! 🙂 What camera do you use, your pictures are great! Btw, Tito Victor made this post all the more interesting.. Hehehe 🙂

    • May 22, 2013 2:40 am

      hi ate! For the first few photos, I used my phone, the rest I shot with a Nikon S3200. 🙂 I did tweak it for color correction and filters though. For most of my posts I use a Canon 400D slr.

      YES!!! Papa = photobomber

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