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My Life in Instagram

April 8, 2013

Do you have those moments when you put off writing a post this weekend, then the next one, and again until you realize it’s been months since you last posted anything?

*timidly raises hand*

I’ve been burying my head into the In Death series by JD Robb/Nora Roberts the past few months.  It’s been eating up every spare moment of my life that I’m not busy and I managed to go through 35 books in 2 months (yes that’s how obsessed I am).

Which hereby justifies the lack of updates in this poor abandoned blog (not anymore!).

I therefore make up for the absence with this photo diary of how Feb-March 2013 went for me, cut down into sections and all.

First off: Fashion


Leopard print blazer

This one is a favorite.  I absolutely adore the Alexander McQueen-esque blazer and Burberry-ish wedge heels.


I got obsessed with Fall colors a little later than I should have.

But then, I’ve always had a thing for military green and boots.

Fashion haul

The parka I bought on a whim (no regrets!), studded sportif top with a sheer panel at the back and an olive green maxi skirt with side slits.  Fashion Haul 2

Pleated leather skirt, studded top and pajama print trousers.

So help me, I went over and beyond budget last month.



My current favorite accessories.

Gold Gold Gold.

Where there is Fashion, Beauty follows:

Emergency Beauty Kit

Finally completed my emergency makeup kit! 🙂

Will post an intensive review soon.

MUA haul

My Makeup Academy haul!

Eyeshadow, glitter liners, powder, bronzers, blush, and lip gloss.  Name it, I have it!

Selling most of these items.  Let me just work on my page and I’ll post it here soon 🙂

Magnum Beauty Look

My makeup look for the Magnum event last February 27. I really love having an excuse to wear dramatic makeup. 😀

Bored in the Office

Bored in the office.


Playing with my hair… Must. Re-dye. SOON.


Love love love this L’oreal nail stickers!

A work-related shindig:

Magnum with Denise

At the Magnum event with Denise.  It was a mad dash from the prepping up until the drive to the venue.  Keeping the details to myself in case Denise reads this. HAHA! 😛


Got another chance to wear my Eric Manansala neck piece and YSL heels ❤

Food Business:

Working in the restaurant/Food industry means eating.  A lot.

Ying Ying

Ying Ying mini food trip with Denise and Jel. Red Velvet

Tried Sebastian’s red velvet ice cream.

Mary Grace

Mary Grace’s Cream Dory and leeks (something) pasta.  Sorry I couldn’t remember!  But I do love this, especially the garlic bread. YUM!


A visit to Friuli Trattoria.

Dolce Latte

Dolcelatte club sandwich!


AH! Brasas ❤


Forever favorite at Banapple!

My Baby Bean the doggy:

Bean 2 Bean 3 Bean

Yeah, she’s naturally cute and adorable like that.  She makes me smile in the mornings and melts away the stress of an entire work day the moment she meets me by the door when I get home.  Although she makes it hard to leave the house sometimes. HAHA!

The things that I’ve been busy with lately:

closet dresser

I just moved to our other house and we’ve all been up to our necks moving all of our stuff!  We just finished everything yesterday, although I still have a TON of stuff to organize in my room.   It happens to be significantly smaller than my old room so my “kamada” skills are being stretched in all possible directions.

Will post photos and overhaul my blog as soon as all of the crap lying around in my room gets settled!



My favorite chips and the best dishwashing liquid ever!  All from Echostore!  I use the dishwashing liquid to clean my brushes or mix it with water and just leave a cup of the mixture in my bathroom or in my room to get rid of the new paint smell.  Why?  Because it smells so nice, relaxing and very much like a spa! ❤

(which explains the liter-sized bottle)

Nails and book

My current favorite nail products!

Paris Souvenirs

Memories from a trip to Europe.


I adore these Woody stackable containers!  I think they’re perfect for lipsticks or baubles…  But they don’t go well with  my room interior so I’m thinking of shopping for my room organizers this weekend.


On a completely unrelated note…  I’m planning to get a new DSLR with a flipping viewfinder because I’m planning to start a beauty video blog, plus re-open my online store and overhaul my blog (EXCITED!).

I’m also looking out for an affordable digital camera with nice vidcam features.  Nothing spiffy, just a decent camera that I can take with me to shoot videos or pictures when I don’t feel like lugging a DSLR around.  Please give me a recommendation in the comment box below if you have any suggested models! 😀

AHH!   So many things to be excited about this summer!  I’ll update you guys soon!  ❤



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  1. Lui permalink
    April 24, 2013 1:44 pm

    Food pics just made me hungry. *sigh*

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