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Spoils of Travel

December 2, 2012

A trip abroad is never complete without going shopping.

Here are  the rest of the “spoils” from my recent Singapore trip:

Casio and QQ watches

I’m not an avid watch collector,  but I have a thing for masculine, oversized and vintage style watches.

First blood from H&M

The mother of all leather vests.  Heavy on zips and butter-soft.  It will go perfectly with the vintage tees and bowler hat.

I make it a point to visit an H&M store no matter what country I travel to.  I know you probably think it odd, but well, we all have our own quirks.

Doc Martens Stella

I’ve always wanted a pair of Doc Martens.  After 2 days of indecision, I opted for this pair over vivid metallic pink and yellow gold pairs.

Topman tank tops

Perfect for lazy days.   Worn with shorts, leggings or jeans.  The possibilities are endless.

Assorted flats.

You already know which is my well-worn favorite.

Cotton On dresses and accessories

Cute tops from Old Bugis market

Phillip Lim 31 Hour-ish bag

From where you ask?  Charles and Keith.  Bought in it’s mother country, I got it a fraction cheaper than if it was bought locally.

My Iphone case that never fails to garner a “is that a camera or a phone?” comment.



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