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5 Days of Singapore (Part 1)

November 23, 2012

Much as my parents disdain it, I have a passion for traveling.  It goes hand in hand with fashion and beauty products.  For me, traveling = adventure + shopping.

Which is why when it comes to going out of the country, I just couldn’t wait to board the plane, and return with an overpacked suitcase :))

Make me stay someplace for over six months without a vacation and I will seriously go cray cray on you.

I remember when I was still  in college, whenever term break looms close, I couldn’t stand to be in the campus.  I felt like the school walls were so suffocating and that they’re closing in on me.

In my previous (and first) job, one of the many tasks I had to fulfill was to be in the office whenever the editors have to be somewhere else.  It was a stationary job that doesn’t leave much room for any sort of break.  Not even when you’re sick.   There were times when I simply couldn’t wait to leave the office because it feels like the white walls are so confining.

Diagnosis: Indelible Wanderlust

I just had to leave and go on  vacation because my brain was about to go haywire.  I longed for a breath of fresh air and the feel of foreign cities.

I remember my mom telling a friend that she doesn’t think Hongkong or SG is that much different from Philippines.  I suppose in some ways it’s not so different although it all depends on the perspective.

Personally, I think it’s the exact opposite.  Even the simple act of walking on the streets feels very foreign and refreshing.  Though it does feel familiar and the foreign feeling diminishes when you encounter Filipinos on the streets.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just that it makes the country feel familiar and less exotic.  uhh… what’s exotic about Singapore anyway?  I was disappointed that our trip to Korea didn’t push through since my mom didn’t feel like going through the hassles of visa application.   So we ended up going here.

Some of you might raise your brows as to why I’m disappointed.  Well, I’m not particularly fond of Singapore, and I’ve been there 3 times the past 4 years, so I wasn’t exactly looking forward to going back so soon.

On a more positive note, Singapore is a very innovative country and they always come up with something new.  The last time I visited, Marina Bay Sands was still under construction, so aside from the shopping trips, there were still a couple of new things to see (read: Universal Studios and Marina Bay area)

The trip was quite a turnaround, because this was my most enjoyable stay in SG.  Partly due to my father’s absence (hence, more shopping!) and my friend Abi, who showed me around places where locals and Pinoys usually go to.

Riverside Point and Clarke Quay

Arab Street!

Definitely going back for the shopping and the food!  Wait for the next posts which will include the food and shopping trips! 🙂

Bugis Junction and the Old Bugis market

A shopping trip in Singapore is not complete without a trip to the old Bugis market.  I spotted a lot of nice clothes here for prices that you wouldn’t believe! 🙂  and see the last photo above for the shirt that had me snorting in laughter.

 I admit I’m kicking myself for not going to Vivo City, although I don’t regret going to this place instead. heehee 😀

Here are more photos of the other places we visited:

Bits and Pieces of Singapore’s Universal Studios

It was tiny and most of the rides are same as the ones in the States.  Still worth a visit though since it’s much nearer to us. 🙂

We decided to join the city tour for the nth time because my it’s my amma’s first time to visit SG.

Hence the familiar spike-roof arena, the bridge and the oldest and only Chinese temple with an emperor’s seal.  Can you believe that this temple was built, and remains standing without nails?  Muy interesante, si?

Marina Garden, Marina mall and a snapshot of the ceiling taken when I succumbed to my sister’s pleading to ride the “Venetian” boat inside the mall.

The wall of the newly renovated Grand Park Hotel, where we stayed during our visit.

Oh would you take a load of the Sephora counter.  They never fail to impress no matter how many times I visit their store.  Talk about heaven!

Despite the abundance of must-visit areas, the best aspect of Singapore will always be the tax-free shopping and constant sales.  I was prepared to indulge the moment I landed in Changi airport, and oh boy, I really indulged myself.

Wait for my next post for the rest of my spoils from Singapore.

The beauty products are in a separate post.  click link to see.



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  1. December 2, 2012 1:04 pm

    i like your camera! 🙂 what is it?

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