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Singapore Beauty Haul

November 8, 2012

Hi everyone!  I’m back from the province and as promised here’s a haul post from my recent trip to the land of shopping (read: Singapore).  I’ll reserve the tourist-y bits of the trip for a separate travel post, because right now I’m very excited to share my beauty haul with you guys! 😀

Some of the perks of shopping in this country are the constant sales, tax refund and the availability of beauty products or stores that are not yet here in the Philippines.  I insist on saying yet because I am thinking, rather wishfully, that we would have these stores in the Philippines eventually *and minus the ridiculous price increase, I might add*.   I never put prices on my previous haul posts, but for the sake of comparison, I included the prices or approximation for this post. 🙂

First order of business, I scouted the local Watson’s store to check out their makeup and hair product offerings.  I didn’t take photos of the racks just because it slipped  my mind but I do have photos of what I got for myself. 😉 heehee!

upper photo: assorted L'oreal Paris Hair Expertise sulfate free shampoo and conditioner
lower photo : (clockwise) 3 bottles of Essence nail polish(SGD 3.00/bottle), 
Essence Eyeliner brush(SGD 2.00), Skinfood powder blush (SGD 12.00) , Skinfood 
liquid eyeliner(SGD 8.00) , Essence powder blush (SGD 4.00) , 
Essence eyeshadow palette (SGD 6.60), Bio essence spring water spray (SGD 2.00) , 
FANCL mild cleansing oil (free) , Maybelline Makeup remover (SGD 2.00)

I really hoarded sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner because I recently had my hair dyed and I was hard-pressed to find these because my only choices if I were to buy here are Pureology and L’occitane which are a bit too pricey for me.  I was considering a couple of local brands as well but maybe I’ll give those a try when I finish these. 🙂 I started using the color care line yesterday and it seems to be working well.  I’ll write a review on these soon.

For the next photo, I included some of the items I got on sale in Bugis Junction.   Almost all the beauty stores were having a sale, and they even had a private beauty store sale.  The sales will make you crazy, I swear!  The prices are ridiculously low it’s akin to giving the products away. I bought the powder blush and eyeliner from Skinfood at 60-80%off.

I got all the Essence items in a Watson’s store in Takashimaya.  I’ve been hearing a lot of positive reviews about this German drugstore brand, and it was so affordable I decided to try out some of their products. 🙂 Put together, all the items in the second photo only cost me roughly 50.00 SGD. Not bad at all.


One of the stores that I really made time to visit was Sephora.  My happy place!

I was so excited when I spotted a Sephora store  just a floor above Watson’s in Takashimaya.  We were staying in a hotel on Orchard road right across this giant Japanese mall, hence I wasn’t in a rush to decide what products to purchase. I wish malls here also close at 11pm.

Counter Clockwise: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Sephora Sculpting disk, 
Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Caudalie Instant foaming cleanser

I ended up spending a little over 100 SGD for these but I know these tried and tested products are really worth splurging on so I don’t mind.   First up, the legendary Urban Decay eyeshadow Primer potion (SGD 33).  I have the travel-sized version and I know it works really well so I didn’t hesitate to include this in my shopping basket.

Second item is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (SGD 29.00 for 30ml and SGD 79.00 for 100ml).  This is my holy grail of face mists!  I’ve been using it everyday, since I discovered it in Paris last year.  The bottle is made of frosted glass, and being notoriously clumsy, I know that I will end up dropping this at some point if I do tote it around.  Hence, I use it in the morning and leave it at home then bring a can of Avene face mist in my bag.

This face mist always leaves my skin feeling and looking fresh!  Super worth the steep price.

I wanted to try another product from Caudalie, so upon the Sephora beauty person’s recommendation, I bought the instant foaming cleanser.  I am yet to try this one so stay tuned for updates!

 The Sephora Sculpting Disk (SGD 30)was something I bought on impulse. I was contemplating whether to splurge on an eye palette, highlighter, bronzer or powder blush.   Since Sephora powder blushes were SGD 20.00 a pop, and highlighters/bronzers are SGD 25.00 each, I opted for the disk since it has a nice highlighter and bronzer plus face powder.  It’s huge too, so I knew I was getting more products for a fraction of the price.  I’ve been using this for a couple of days now and I am absolutely in love with it!  Posting a more comprehensive review soon 🙂

Here’s a photo of the palette for reference:

It's twice the size of regular face powders and the pans are deeper 🙂

Over the last few months, I noticed that I’ve been purchasing beauty products more than clothes or shoes.  One of the passions I developed on my previous job in a magazine.  It was also then that I realized that MAC is one of my favorite beauty brands.  I don’t usually splurge on makeup because I set a bigger budget for clothes, bags and shoes than beauty products.  But it sure wasn’t the case on this trip because I spent most of my money on duty free MAC products in the airport. 😮

Say hello to my MAC haul.

 MAC released a collection earlier this year that included extra dimension skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt, and I was so sad that I missed it.  Imagine how giddy I was to see the very same product for their new collection!  I didn’t even think, I just bought it!


Although that was nothing compared to the sheer insanity that suddenly came over me when I was already in Changi airport.  Just when I thought I’m done with shopping and already waaaay over my quota, I spotted a MAC store.  I know it would be cheaper because it’s tax free so I thought I’d buy a few items…  but noooo! I ended up splurging on 3 lipsticks, 3 powder blushes, 6 eyeshadow pots and 2 face mists!

Sometimes I loathe being a total hoarder.

When I was unboxing these goodies to take photos, I have to say I felt very happy with my purchases but I was also somewhat guilty for spending too much. :))

What started as a hunt for purple lipstick seriously spiraled out of control.  I finally found the pro longwear lipcreme in Goes and Goes (only SGD 27.20)! ❤ I also got a tube of Diva and Rebel (SGD 22.00 each) . I just threw in one of my older lispticks for the photo 😀

Powder blushes were around SGD 35.00 and eyeshadows at SGD 27.00.  Since this is a lump post and I’m too lazy to check and list all the names, I’ll save these for when I do a proper review 🙂

I also purchased a bottle of Fix+ and Mineralized charged water because they were only SGD 22.00 apiece compared to the local price of P900.oo.

Overall I knew I went way over budget but hey, it’s only once in a while so I think it’s rather justified. 😉  I am really happy about my recent beauty purchases, and I honestly think I deserve it after working so hard, almost endlessly the past months.

Looking forward to sharing my other hauls and other posts I’ve lined up.

YES, this is me, back to sporadic blogging 😉




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