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5 Days of Style

July 17, 2012

I’ve officially bid my blogging break goodbye.

I compiled a number of outfit posts taken with my trusty iphone (edited with picstitch and instagram) before posting it as it really is too much work taking photos with my slr and editing them one by one.  Aside from the fact that I don’t have much time for the tedious editing process, I just don’t see the point.

This is after all an online documentation of my life, not a portfolio. 

But I digress.

So as promised, here is my first outfit post (or should I say posts?) after a long blogging hiatus.

Oops.  Looks like some photo filters don’t register well on the web…

Cardigan : H&M || Top : Gifted || Skirt : Forever 21 || Ballet Flats : Rusty Lopez || Necklace : from Venice || Ring : Purple Chest Box

I remember this photo being taken a couple of months back.  I think it was 2nd week of April.

uhhh. Almost 3 months ago. Really?!

At that time, I just got this tan cardigan with leather pockets and I was too excited to wear it.  Although I was a bit dubious about the match, I  paired it with a lavender cami and bright tribal print skirt.   I actually ended up with matching outfit palettes with two officemates.  We have a photo together but I think I’ll reserve that for another post.

Dress : Noel Crisostomo || Belt : Chris Diaz at Myth || Neck Piece : Joel Escober at Myth || Snakeskin Clutch : Randy Ortiz at Myth || Shoes : Aldo

This is what I wore to MEGA’s 20 Most Beautiful Event (May 22, 2012).  I was hesitant about wearing this gold dress at first because I thought it was too bland and that it made my hips look wider than it already was.  (lol) But my officemates insisted that it was nice and that I just need to accessorize.  So accessorize I did. Thank goodness for Myth and it’s wide selection of  gorgeous designer pieces!

Opulent accessories and paandar makeup (c/o the  very talented Carlos of MAC cosmetics) are the key to not feeling like the underdog in an event graced by the beautiful, rich and famous. 😉

I had to concede that my officemates were right about the dress.  The asymmetric peplum actually made the dress more interesting and unique (not to mention it’s a nice hip camouflage), so I ended up buying it. haha!

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits.

Top : Primark || Skirt : Forever 21 || Belt : Kashieca || Heels : Forever 21

I wore this last month.  Moving forward na! haha!

I won’t deny that Gucci was my peg for this outfit.   It started with the bronze belt that I spotted in Kashieca.  It reminded me so much of this Gucci Tassel belt that I opted for a color blocking outfit, straight out of the brands’ SS11 collection.

 I don’t have any bright colored heels so I wore my floral print platform from F21 instead.

Can you believe I’ve had those shoes for more than a year but I’ve worn it twice palang?  C-R-A-Z-Y.  I should use my heels more often. Really.

 Leather Jacket : Thrifted || Corset Top, Skirt, Spiked Heels, & Collar Necklace : Forever 21 || Gold and Black Ring : SM Accessories || Gold and Red Arty Ring : YSL

My much awaited YSL ring finally made a debut here in my blog. :))

I attended the ROXY event last July 5, and this is what I wore (see?  Told you I’m catching up!).  I was 4 hours late due to traffic and issue closing but it seemed like fate was working for me that day because the Roxy people actually waited for me.  Which is another story altogether.

I always opt for heels and make an effort to dress up whenever I go to events because I have this strange feeling of being an underdog whenever I go to events unprepared.  I was once asked to attend an event in my denim shorts and flats.  uhhh.  Never. Again.

 Top : Forever 21 || Leather Shorts : Topshop || Shoes : Aldo || Bangle : F21 || Necklace : From Venice || Ring : from France

Now speaking of catching up, this is what I wore yesterday! 😉

The outfit that prompted my sudden return to the blogging world.  Oh, and also the outfit that burned my wallet on an impulse shopping spree last weekend.

I am in love with items in Forever 21 that doesn’t look like it came from there.  OK, that’s so mean, but you do get what I’m trying to say right?  I always look for their pricier but unusual pieces so I don’t end up looking like a walking f21 ad.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like F21 because I actually love the brand, it’s just that they have this distinct  look that everyone seems to be into right now.  There’s nothing wrong with that but personally, I lean more towards classic pieces and bold accessories.   Ah, the influence of MEGA (haha!).

With this post  you can also observe how my style evolved ever since I started working.

*I know I said I don’t care about the photo quality but the sleeping photographer in me flinches whenever I see the blurry, low-res photos.   So I guess I do have to work on my hi-res photos.*

I promise to post some more of my accumulated outfit photos.  Soon. 🙂



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  1. October 30, 2012 1:40 pm

    you look like your tita mercy on the second photo 😀

    • October 30, 2012 1:56 pm

      hahaha! she’d be very happy to hear that. 😛 i post ko kaya yung photo nating dalawa waaaay back in 2nd yr. hs? :))

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