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Purple Chest Box

April 9, 2012

After yet another hiatus, I come bearing good news!

After years of being alternately chicken and lazy to start an online shop, I finally bit the bullet and started setting up shop last night.  Talk about spontaneity.

 I had to work everything out to the point of no return while I’m inspired because if I don’t, I’d end up over thinking everything and back out at the last minute yet again.

Well no more, I didn’t even care about doing a proper “shop opening” and “product launch” :))

I can think of a handful of PR people fainting over the impropriety of it all.

After about 2 hours of changing and ruminating over my chosen name and poster design for the shop, here it is!

click on the image to visit the Purple Chest Box!! 

I wanted a unique and original name for my shop, seeing as there are tons of online stores whose names are so similar you’d have a hard time keeping track of them all.  I opted for a simple but striking design for the “photo/logo” of my shop.

Photoshop classes are definitely useful at times like these. 😉

You might be wondering what propelled me to act so rashly and start an online store from scratch and launch it at 2 in the morning, well let me show you the rings that started it all. lol

I was looking everywhere for affordable YSL Arty inspired rings and when I found them, a bulb lit up in my head.

They will make the perfect opening collection for an online shop.

Let me show you…

Purple Chest Box’s Opening Collection:

For orders and other inquiries, please click the image.

Available in Red, Black and Baby Blue.

Online shops overseas sells these for about USD15.00 – 20.00.  That’s excluding the whopping costs of international shipping. YIPES!

Meanwhile other local online shops sells them for 600-500 pesos each.

But you can get these rings from Purple Chest Box for only P150.00 each!

Awesome right?

These rings are selling like hotcakes, and I only have a small number on-hand so if you want one, better reserve yours now!  🙂

Pretty right?  Normally I wouldn’t encourage sales of “designer-inspired” items which is just a euphemism for “knock-off” but I just couldn’t help myself with these rings for a lot of reasons.

1. The real thing costs a whopping $250.00 each.

2. The rings aren’t even available here in the Philippines.  Which is so frustrating.

3. They just look so pretty!  Even if I didn’t know they’re YSL look alikes, I’ll buy them anyway.

Visit the Purple Chest Box for your Arty Ring fix now! 🙂



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