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Because I’m a Gypsy

March 19, 2012

As promised!  Here’s what I wore last Monday!

Top : F21 || Vest : Pink Manila || Skirt : Divisoria || Chunky Wedges : CMG

I will be forever grateful if you ignore the fact that I look weird here.   Too weird in fact.   Fighting the urge to cut my head from this photo.  But that would be weirder no?

Necklace : DIY

I had the sudden urge to work with beads and something orange.  Poof.  Say hello to the result of my kinda lazy DIY project.  I have an aversion to orange clothing so I’m sticking to orange accessories.  Color of the season or not, it just doesn’t feel right when I wear the orange.  I refuse to say tangerine.

Random rings from Topshop and C&A Switzerland.

My comfiest heels from CMG.  I absolutely adore all my heels which is why I don’t wear them often.  Which sort of defeats the purpose of buying it… but what the hell, they’re really pretty and I do like wearing them… once in a while. :))

Well that’s it! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to write and schedule all my posts for the week so this will have to be it for my outfit last Monday.  But anyway, this day has been hella crazy.  It could have been crazier but thankfully it wasn’t.  Not yet anyway.  There’s a shoot for this huge thing and it starts tomorrow.  I can feel the pressure already.  But my head is up there with the clouds.

But then, it’s no fun if it’s too easy, right?



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