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March 12, 2012

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting outfit photos for a week. It’s my first complete work week and I had a lot of adjusting, learning and work to do. Not to mention the OT that I had to put in this week. I’ve been worked for 7 days and I think 5 or 4 of those days I had to stay for two extra hours per night.

I will never take another magazine for granted again. Ever. :))

And in case you are interested to know, my job is hard but it’s fun and I am enjoying it. Though it makes me crazy sometimes just seeing how much work needs to be done in a day.  I will be forever grateful to my efficient father for forcing me to be like him (somewhat) and the crazy training back in ROTC.  The “training” is a humongous help when it comes to coping with the workload.

Anyhoo!  Considering that I’m already brain dead by the time I get home in the evening and all I want to do is pass out on my bed, blogging after work is out of the question. Which is why I’m changing my blogging schedule. I’ll be posting all my outfit posts the past week this weekend but I’m scheduling them to be up one by one. My post this Monday will be my outfit last Monday, and for Tuesday will be last Tuesdays outfit… and so on.

So, are you ready to see what I wore last Monday? 🙂

Vest : Promod || Maxi Dress : Tomato || Sandals : Aldo


Bag : Charlotte Russe || Scarf : from Italy

Necklace : Rebel Gear

I am in looove with this shot.


3 layered rings : Mia Casa || Skull armor ring : Girl Shoppe || Skull Ring : Topshop

I had to meet my boss for the first time last Monday so I had to look fashionable but be comfortable enough to move around a lot. My job doesn’t allow me to stay in my seat for more than half an hour. I have to be all over the place a lot. It was funny because I ended up matching my boss’s outfit. She was wearing leopard print leggings that day.

I figured this maxi dress is fierce and fashionable enough for work, but I added a sleek military vest for contrast and to streamline my upper body. The dress appears a little casual without it. And I think I made a good impression with this outfit. *yay!*

I accessorized with my new favorite chunky necklace from Rebel Gear and fierce rings. Everyone loved it! Even Miel, MEGA’s fashion associate liked my necklace. ❤ Nothing is more flattering than getting a compliment from the most fashyon people in my department.

What do you think of this outfit?



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