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Pink, Punk and Holo

March 11, 2012

It’s been quite some time since I posted nail polish reviews, swatches and nail art.  It’s quite exhausting to review products all the time so I keep it to minimum.  Another reason is I don’t want to saturate my blog with nail polish posts.  It can be quite dull and boring in my point of view.

So since it’s been almost a month since I last posted swatches, here’s a new review and nail art post 🙂

Revlon sent oodles of nail polish to us and I volunteered to review and write a feature on it as a contribution to Meg.  I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it before it comes out, but I can talk about what I think of the nail polish here in my personal review. 🙂

I was given three bottles but I no longer have the luxury of too much free time so I wasn’t able to swatch them all at once.  I promise to swatch the other two next time. 🙂


(from L-R)

Revlon 230 Popular, Sasatinnie Mini SME 307, Nails Inc. Electric Lane, Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat

First things first, here’s a swatch of the product that is up for review.

Revlon’s Popular

I have a thing for pale nail polish.  Especially ones that are so pale they’re only a few shades away from being white.  Blame it on the pastel trend! lol! I kid.  It’s one of my weird nail polish favorites.

Revlon Popular is the palest pink nail polish I own, and what makes it stand out are the chunky silver glitters that insinuates itself into the creme nail polish.  It makes the flat color more interesting, although the glitters makes application more difficult.  There are times when the glitters are dragged by the brush, thus creating streaks on the smoothly applied nail polish.  HATE.

For nail polish newbies, this might be a problem, but no worries, practice makes perfect!

So other than the glitters being dragged, everything is fine.  The formula is consistent and glides on the nails smoothly and dries quickly too! I give this product a 4.5/5. 🙂

So onto the nail art post, it’s been a while since I last did something fun on my nails so I thought I should make things more interesting.  I don’t have time to do my nails every week anymore so considering that I have to stare at the design for two weeks, it has to be something that will last long and won’t bore me when I look at it.

I came up with this:

Whatcha think? I skipped the blackberry nails this time round, since it feels kinda old already.  I added diagonal halves to my index and ring finger in opposite directions using the Sasatinnie Mini SME 307.  It’s a black nail polish with holographic glitters.  It’s not very noticeable though because the glitters were tiny so I added a coat of Nails Inc. Electric Lane.  It’s the most amazing holographic top coat everrrr!  See the rainbows on my nails??! Adding supershine topcoat makes it even more shimmery. 🙂

For the middle finger…. I always get asked how I do that on my nails…  It’s actually very easy.

The secret is….


Since they are stickers, I don’t have to be particular on where I buy them so long as they last long and look good.  I get mine at Divisoria for 35 bucks per pack or 3 for 100.  I get 6 or 10 packs in one trip so I don’t run out of it until my next divi trip.

But if you don’t like going to Divisoria, you can also get these at Department stores and beauty stores but they cost around 100-300 bucks per pack.


That’s all for tonight!

Thank you so much for reading.

Check back tomorrow for outfit posts or maybe later tonight.



Disclaimer : All the products in this post aside from the Revlon nail polish, I bought with my own money.  The Revlon nail polish was given to me for a review, not for promotion.  I was not paid to review or promote Revlon products.

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