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Jeans Allergy

March 4, 2012

Before you start visualizing awful looking rashes and things, let me clarify that I am not talking about that!:))

I’m talking about my love hate relationship with denim jeans… and pants in general.  I don’t like wearing pants because they feel restricting and I hate the feel of denim sticking so close to your legs when you’re sweaty.  Ugh! I shudder just thinking about it. lol.  Anyway, the reason behind the title is my aversion to jeans.  Because of that I wore leggings to work instead.  Here’s the outfit I really wanted to wear on my first day of work:

Cardigan : from Rome || Top : H&M || Leggings : Mango || Socks : from Rome || Combat Boots : Schu

My favorite leopard print cardigan! I have it in another color.  It’s from the same store as the socks I’m wearing.  Can you believe I got the cardigan for only 4 Euros?  That’s like 240 pesos only!  The socks were 2 euros for 3 pairs and they’re all in different colors! :))  Who would have thought there are so many unique bargain finds to be found in Rome? I am longing for Europe as I type. Sigh.  I want to go back and stay longer!  Why oh why was I not born in Europe??  That would have been so awesome.  But nooo, I have to be a chinky eyed Asian who’s stuck at 5 foot 4 inch height.    lol! I kid. I do like the fact that I have Chinese blood, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of being a long-limbed European with exotic facial features. :))

But enough dreaming.  I initially wanted to wear this to my first day of work because you can never go wrong with a rocker-chic attire.  I wasn’t in the mood to wear a skirt, partly because I don’t think any of my skirts will look okay with my combat shoes or the long graphic tank top that I wanted to wear that day, so I opted for thick black leggings and layered my long socks over it.  I chose the blue leopard print cardigan to match my blue socks, even though they have different prints, so my outfit won’t be so flat/black and white.  I think the blue socks and cardigan made my outfit more eclectic but pulled together.

I wore a couple of studded leather bracelets, blue cross and silver necklace and silver rings.

Oh!  Can I just say that I am happy that my bangs does not look like a hot mess in this photo? :)) This is how my hair really looks like now.  The curls are now uniform giant waves.  I’m thinking of getting my hair permed again… I miss brushing my hair though. :))

a failed attempt to make it look like there’s two of me, dressed in the exact same outfit. I’ll do better tomorrow, I swear.

Radio Satchel : Elan Bijoux || Cross Ring : Girl Shoppe || Black Leather Cuff : Forever 21 || Brown Leather Cuff : GraffiTee || Blue Cross Necklace : Forever 21 || Silver Necklace : Girl Shoppe

My favorite satchel.  It goes with just about anything.  It makes boring outfits interesting, and in this case, it makes me look more rocker chic.  Who would think that I absolutely can’t play any musical instrument? :))  In any case, this bag is a real conversation starter. Everyone seems to find it amusing.  Some of my friends thought it’s a (a) boombox (b) amplifier (3) toolbox, and the rest just thought it’s amusing and cute.

I don’t use it a lot even though I really really like it because I tend to overuse my bags until it falls apart.  I don’t want that to happen to this bag. No.Way. I want to have this bag foreverrrr. :))

Same goes for these boots. They are the most awesome pair of combat boots ever!  Which probably explains why this is only the second time that I’ve worn them even though I’ve had them for almost a year now. :)) It will totally break my heart if these shoes gets ruined.

So now that I’m done with my first two posts for March, I really should start catching up on my blog lags.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and had a nice weekend! 🙂



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  1. March 4, 2012 12:41 pm

    love your blog and your style! =)
    check out my page if u want!

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