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Golden Earth

February 14, 2012


Let me start this post by wishing that you guys all had a great Valentine’s day.  As overrated as it may seem, even the tough-cookie-girls go all gooey inside while dreaming of all things romantic on this day.

Me included.

I also think that’s enough semantics. I might be reduced into a puddle. :)) Romance and honesty is a rather lethal combination, one I don’t fancy indulging in all the time.

This outfit post, however, has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.  I wore it last Sunday when my mom asked me to run an errand for her.

Metallic Knit Sweater : Zara || Skirt : Mango || Bag : LV Mini Lin Manon ||  Oxfords : Zara || Socks : From France

I was hesitant to buy metallic knits before but I finally caved in.  I spotted this sweater and another one in pale pink hiding in a random rack in Zara last week and they were priced at 25% the original price!  I immediately grabbed them since there’s only two of them left.  I combed through every rack in the store but there really aren’t anymore sweaters like it.

Paired it with my ever reliable white mini and favorite spiked necklace.  I stuck to earthy colors for this outfit, hence the title, Golden Earth.

Necklace : Extreme Finds || Belt : Robinson’s Dept. Store

 Cuffs : Forever21 and GraffiTee || Watch : Seiko || Silver Bracelet : from Vatican

I didn’t realize I forgot my rings until after I left the house.  Fail. haha!

Here’s an FOTD, I look odd here though. Definitely not my angle!

Oh, say hello to Bean!  We had this random snapshots together and they are just too cute not to share! ❤

I looked plain weird in this photo with a lopsided smile hence the white box. :))  Bean looks reeeeally cute and fluffy here though.   Agree?

This was shot by Jenny while I was blotting sweat from my face.  It looks like a photo of  Rumi Neely, and I think it’s an appropriate photo to end this post. 🙂

Minus the glamorous background. 😛



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  1. February 14, 2012 12:02 pm

    Such cute dog !

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