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Androgynous in Heels

February 13, 2012

I’ve always liked looking edgy or rocker chic although I haven’t dressed like this lately because I have a lot of musician friends and acquaintances, and I feel like a poser dressed like this when I’m with or have to meet with them.  Why?  Because I can’t play any musical instrument even if my life depended on it. :))

Biker Jacket : Forever 21 || Top : Greenhills || Skirt : Cole Vintage || Shoes : So Fab! ||

Accessories : Random

Are you tired of the backdrop I’m using for my outfit posts? :)) Because I am.  Very much.  So when I spotted our sports car (which is usually parked in the garage) parked across the street, I didn’t hesitate to shoot a couple of photos with it.  Even though I felt really awkward because every passerby seemed to be gawking at me.  Oh well, the photos were worth it.

So what’ with the edgy outfit?

Well, my peg was Lisbeth Salander from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Since I was heading for the mall to watch the film with a friend, I though it is apt that I dress in something similar to her usual attire (e.g biker/rocker look) but with a couple of twists of my own.   A black Biker Jacket is essential for this look.  Not in leather since wearing a jacket in a hot tropical country is absurd enough.  Worn over a loose tee and gray skirt and my new heel less shoes. Obviously she won’t wear heels, but these heel less shoes from So fab! definitely fits the bill of an androgynous rocker look to a T.   She doesn’t wear skirts a lot so I picked one in gray, sticking close to a monochromatic look so as not to deviate from my intended look while incorporating my twist to a totally “Salander-ish” outfit.

There you have it. 

Did it work?

Anyway! Here are some goofy and somewhat goofy photos of me.  Jenny (our maid/photographer) has an annoying habit of snapping photos just when a car is passing by our street or when I’m fixing my hair, necklace or top.  I have to sort through all the photos and work all my photoshop magic just make the photos decent enough for public viewing. :)) Which is one of the main reasons why it takes me so much time to write new posts.

I look like I’m saluting someone in an extremely lousy way.  Sigh. I was actually scratching my head.

I was telling her to make sure not to cut my head and put a little more headroom in the photos when she shot this. 😐 Oh, say hello to the tree trunks I call my legs. :))

It’s my first time to wear these shoes even though I’ve had them for a couple of months already.  There just didn’t seem to be the perfect outfit for them until now.  I’d wear them more often if only they don’t make me supremely conscious of my gigantic calves.  Trust me when I say they look bigger than it appears in the photos. :)) I blame climbing up the stairs in Andrew building so many times coupled with all the exercises in ROTC and the gym for those giant muscles on my legs.

Anyway, I’ll end this post here. 🙂



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