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February 12, 2012

Vest : Promod || Tank Top : Forever 21 || Skirt : H&M || Flats : Zara || Bag : From Vienna

Wanna try guessing when I wore this? :))  You might think it was sometime this week, but being the lazy ass that I am (you all know how I postpone my blog posts and end up forgetting about it when I get busy) it’s not so shocking that I actually wore this last Feb. 3.  :))  Yes, I know.  It is beyond late.  Hence the title “Always” for always late. haha!

necklace : Forever 21 || Watch : Seiko

This is another one of my lazy day uniform.  A little more presentable because I traded the shirt for a tank top and vest combo and wore it with flats instead of sandals/filpflops plus the accessories and bag I used the day before.  Nothing spells lazy (or busy) more than the inability to change your bag.

Brown and Bronze Cuff : GraffiTee || Cross ring : Girl Shoppe || Silver Ring : From France

This is one of the flats I bought from Zara when I went to Barcelona.  I think I got it for 10 or 12 EU.  Out of curiosity, I checked the prices in Zara Philippines website and my jaw dropped because it was priced at P1990.00 😐  I’m calling it highstreet robbery. :))  I may never buy anything from Zara or Mango here in the Phils. ever again.  Unless it’s on sale. haha!

I have like 5 more posts on hold, so I have to cut this short here and get to it before I put them off. Again.



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  1. Solipsism Dreams permalink
    February 12, 2012 1:08 pm

    i love your cross!!

    Loretta xx

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