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Close But Not Quite There

February 11, 2012

Hi everyone! I assure you that I’m still alive after more than a week of not posting anything.  lol

This post has been delayed twice due to annoyingly unfortunate circumstances.  This is the third time I’m writing this because the first two times I wrote it, the file has been inaccessible for unknown reasons and I was forced to delete and rewrite it.  Anyone who has written reviews would know that it’s not that easy to write one.  It took me 4 days to finally get over my annoyance and write a new one.

Which you are about to read and I’m currently ranting about. Clearly I hate rewriting posts especially when I’ve put so much effort on the one that got deleted. :))

Okay, now that I feel better after unloading all that, let’s get on with this long delayed post, shall we?

First up, a comparison swatch of KOH Platinum Silver and Bobbie Vodka on Ice.

Can you tell me which is which? 🙂

Middle Finger : KOH Platinum Silver

I haven’t looked at my KOH bottle for quite some time and I really thought Bobbie Vodka on Ice could be a dupe for it.   As you can see, KOH is too glitzy and the holo glitters are more evident even in the photos.  Well, I can’t really complain about it because there is a huge difference between the prices.  Bobbie nail polish costs about P30.00-36.00 while KOH nail polish costs EU 14.90 and up depending which collection it is from.

Here are swatches for KOH Platinum Silver, so you can see it’s rainbowy holo goodness.

What you can see here is the “tamed” appearance of Platinum Silver.  If you see this in real life, you’d think that somebody is directing a prism to every nail.  Even without direct sunlight, it is very shimmery and rainbow-y.

The only problem I have with this nail polish is the awful formula.  It dries too quickly and it slides off even the thinnest base coat and leaves gaps on my nails.  Notice the stains on my cuticles?  I didn’t remove them because the first time I did, half of the nail polish on my nails came off with it.  I was horrified because it never happened to me before.  So, for the sake of swatching this, I skipped the base coat and applied two coats carefully.  I almost didn’t apply a second coat because the slightest dent on the first coat could create a cascade of gaps on my nails.

Needless to say, I also skipped applying a topcoat.  I had  high expectations for this nail polish and Platinum Silver fell very short from the mark.

I hope the other two nail polish I got from KOH isn’t like this. 😐

Comparison swatch number 2: Bobbie Weng Weng and Cutex Indie Glow

Middle Finger : Cutex Indie Glow

I had to use flash so no rainbow shimmers again.  The holo of these nail polish were fainter so it isn’t that visible.

I prefer Bobbie Weng Weng over Cutex Indie glow because the color is more interesting and the glitters are better.  The formula is better too.  As you can see on the swatch above, the colors aren’t exactly the same but not so much that you can tell them apart when worn on their own.

If you like this color, I’d recommend you get Bobbie Weng Weng instead of  Cutex.  It’s cheaper, has better formula and color.  Need I say  more?

Swatches of Indie Glow:

If I saw this before Weng Weng,I would have like this.  But as it is, I’d say it isn’t as pigmented as the former and it looks thinner on my nails due to the sheerness of the formula.

Will  be posting outfit posts next! 🙂  Gosh, I missed blogging!  Now if only my next posts won’t be corrupted so they’d be up sooner…



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  1. Saskia permalink
    May 8, 2012 11:49 am

    Hi, Yesterday I bought silver platinum from Koh too and the application was terrible, as you describe! But I managed to do 3 coats (with no bascoat) and they just look perfect. I thought the polish was easy to remove from the cuticle area, in comparison to other holo and glitter polishes. You can’t even tell there were any mistakes at all. I decided tot do a topcoat and when that’s dry, the effect is amazing! The most holographic en shiny. Apart from the application (please, try 3 coats….), I’m completely in love. Enjoy this one!!
    Greetings, Saskia

    • May 9, 2012 11:04 am

      hmmm. I’ll try that when I have time. Thank you Saskia!

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