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All Crossed Out

February 1, 2012

Running late on my blog posts again!

I simply don’t understand why I have so much to do when I’m not supposed to be doing anything.  I mean, I’m jobless ergo a bum.  Last time I heard the word “busybum” does not exist, but meh.  I like being busy as compared to being bored out of my mind, so my grumbling ends here.

Vote for this look in Chictopia 🙂

Knit Top : Forever 21 || Tribal Print Skirt : Forever 21 || Flats : Rusty Lopez

This is what I wore last Monday when I visited DLSU to meet some friends and attend the Job Expo.  Yes, that is a headband you can see peeking out my hair. I was hesitant about wearing it because I stopped wearing them outside of my house years ago.  I had the sudden impulse to wear this white headband since it felt like my outfit lacked a little oomph due to my hairstyle.  I swear I don’t look that scraggly or greasy.  It’s just that I have my photos taken before I leave the house, when my hair is still wet so my curls still looks limp.

Say hello to one of my rare toothy smile photos.

A toothy smile makes my face look too long and my chin too pointy in most photos and it is so not flattering. :)) This one seems un-embarrassing enough for public viewing. 😛

And back to my un-toothy smile. :)) I forgot to take an FOTD photo that day so I guess I’ll show you what my KIKO Luminous Chrome lipstick looks like the next time I wear it.

Silver Ring : from France || Connector Ring : Topshop || Cross necklace : Forever 21 || Brown Necklace : gift || Watch : Seiko || Satchel : Elan Bijoux

My favorite bag makes another appearance. :)) I got a lot of compliments and incredulous stares because of this.  Someone even asked where I got it.

My most comfortable bejewelled flats that I haven’t worn for ages!

It seemed fitting to wear it because it’s a perfect complement to my colorful skirt.  It’s very comfortable as well, which is perfect for a day in school.  I don’t really follow fashion rules but I don’t have the luxury of wearing what I call (in my head) as “hassle items” from head to toe.

By “hassle items” I mean elaborate tops that you have to keep on tweaking every so often, knitted or lace tops that seems to tangle themselves to everything, flowy mini skirts that a gust of wind could turn into your personal claim to shame, accessories that needs to be righted time and again, high heels, etc.

You get the idea.

It’s not easy to walk around a windy campus in a flowy skirt while wearing heels and I didn’t want to deal with that while signing up for an interview.  Did I mention that DLSU students usually dress down for school?  You’d stick out like a sore thumb if you’re all dolled up.  Not that I mind that, but I definitely don’t need the audience if the wind catches me by surprise and blows my skirt over. 😮 lol

Over all, it was a pretty good day for me.  I got to catch up with some friends and had Horlicks milk tea at Zen Tea (my forever favorite!) before heading back home.

Who would have thought signing up for job interviews could cause anxiety?? Not to mention waiting for the results!  Anxiety + heavy traffic on my way home = not a good combination.  So what’s a girl to do?  De-stress of course!

I stopped by the Crossings Dept. store near my place to look around.  It’s a one stop shop because it has a grocery, restaurants, dept. store and NBS!  Is it just me or does Nat’l Bookstore seem like heaven to you as well?

I have a secret love affair with pens, books and paper. lol! I love new pads of paper, notebooks and sketchbooks.  But I’m horrible at drawing anything so I write on them instead. :))

As for pens… I’m used to my dad’s constant scolding due to the number of pens that I have.

Some cheap goodies from the dept. store 🙂  The liquid eyeliner was surprisingly good!  I tried it on my forearm and it didn’t budge until I scrubbed it off with soap and a loofah.  A steal at only p120.00! 🙂

All of these, including the stuff from NBS for less than P500.00 bucks.

Needless to stay, I went home with extra spring on my steps.



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