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Open Secret

January 31, 2012

I was running errands the other day when I spotted some things that I’ve been meaning to check out but kept on forgetting to do so.   But since my errand involved doing some shopping for my mother, I opted to do a little snooping and shopping myself. :))

Did I pique your curiosity?

I’m talking about all the awesome and affordable beauty products here in the Philippines.  It’s an open secret that we have make-up, nail polish and hair products that are really good and sometimes at par with imported brands at a fraction of the price.

Let me share with you some of my finds from a local department store.

Bobbie Holo Collection (L-R)

(Holo) Vodka on Ice, Mudslide, Mint Daiquiri, WengWeng, Mojito and (Heavenly Glitz) Supernova


(Holo) Margarita, Purple Passion, (Heavenly Glitz) The Big Bang, Solar Burst, ( Foil It) Charmed, Electrified

These are my top picks for local brand nail polish.

I couldn’t believe that Bobbie came up with a holo collection!  This was out since late 2010 but I don’t know why I haven’t heard of it earlier.  I found out just a few days ago when I was blog hopping from random beauty blogs to another.  I must have been living under a pretty huge rock to not know about this. To think that it was right under my nose all this time!

I am yet to swatch these (and I promise to do so this weekend!) but according to Julia of Bless My Bag, Mudslide is a good dupe for Butter London’s All Hail The Queen. Click this link for her post.  I was so glad I stumbled on her blog or I would have missed this awesome collection!  Anyway, back to what I was talking about.  I bought a holo nail polish in Amsterdam last November and I think it’s similar to Vodka on Ice, while Cutex Indie Glow looks suspiciously close to Weng Weng.  The last bottle, Supernova is also similar to Deborah Lippman’s Across The Universe. See this blog post for comparison.

As for the second set (I got them just now so it’s on a separate photo) The Big Bang also looks like Deborah Lippman’s Happy Birthday.  And if you clicked on the link above, you’ll see that I’m not alone on that theory. :)) I think Bobbie was going for DL (Deborah Lippman) colors while the other local brands are lagging behind, still stuck in the usual cremes in neon and the crack nail polish, which I wish would just move on already.

Will update you about the look alikes when I get to swatch them.

Tip: Landmark Department store sells these at P29.75 each, which is cheap because other stores sell these for P35.00 – 38.00.    It may not seem much if you buy just one bottle because it’s like you spent only a few pesos more.  But if you buy 12 bottles like I did, you could save up to P70.00.  🙂  Neat eh?  Plus if these are actually good dupes of DL and Butter London, I just saved myself from spending thousands of pesos.  Why buy expensive and imported stuff when we have good and affordable local alternatives?

Disclaimer : I’m not sure if Bobbie nail polish is Toulene and DBP free.

(L-R) Cutex Indie Glow, Some Kind Of Wonder Blue, Green There Done That

This isn’t a local brand but since this is also a recent purchase, along with some other products on this post, I included it anyway.  I also wanted to show you what Indie Glow looks like on the bottle so you can see its similarity with Bobbie’s WengWeng. 🙂

As for the two other shades, I have been in love with them since forever but only made up my mind to buy them recently.

Oh did I mention that Cutex is DBP and Toulene Free?   But even if it is a bit more expensive than local nail polish at P 109.75 per bottle, the colors are unusual and right up my alley, so I don’t really mind paying more.  It’s good to know that what you put on your nails doesn’t have debilitating chemicals, and as an added bonus, it even has Keratin to help strengthen brittle nails. 🙂

Purple Passion and Atlantis

OMG, as in Oh My Golly, they’re only P18.00 pesos each!  There were tons of yummy colors but I restrained myself and bought only 2. See?  I do have self control you know. LOL.  This is my first time to buy OMG nail polish so I have no idea what the consistency or coverage is like.  Yet.  Will post swatches soon! 🙂

I ran out of cuticle remover so I got one as well.  These are available in pink and white but I prefer the white one as it doesn’t leave pink stains on my cuticle and nails.  🙂  This is also a steal at P27.75 for a 275mL bottle.  I know some cuticle removers are cheaper than this but they don’t really work well so I buy this instead. Besides, this one is still cheap and it’s one of my tried and tested products.

Fashion21 Miss Valentine and Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Scarlet

I was looking for Beauty Cocktail in Glorietta last week so I could check out what NYX lipsticks are like before I finally jump into the NYX bandwagon.  I did find the store but they didn’t have the colors that I wanted.  And since I don’t buy lipsticks unless I’ve tried it on, ordering online isn’t an option.

I ended up going to Landmark to hunt down the Bobbie holo nail polish but they only had one of the 6 colors.  I took a pass on that too and started looking at lipsticks.  I wanted something in reddish orange with a tinge of neon and something in intense hot pink.

To make my long story short, I found ’em. :)) Miss Valentine was just perfect.  I tried it on and decided to get one without any hesitation.  It was the exact shade of pink that I wanted, plus I loved the formula.  It’s creamy and glided on smoothly with perfect coverage.  It has a nice sleek packaging and the price tag of P155.00 sealed the deal for me.

As for the Ever Bilena Scarlet, I’m torn between hating it and liking it.  I like the color very much though it’s more muted than I want it to be.  I also hate the smell and the formula.  It’s a bit thin so I had to swipe it 3-4 times to get the vibrant shade that I want, plus it’s… salty.  Why on earth is this lipstick salty?  It’s also makes my lips dry.  Sigh.  I guess I have to work my way around it.  This one was P145.00.

Special FX Curling mousse and V05 Clarifying Shampoo

Ever since I had my hair permed, I started using Special FX Curl Miracle spray to make the curls more bouncy (duh).  I’m about to finish my first bottle so I got myself another one, but instead of the spray, I got the mousse.  It’s only P299.00 and it works wonders for my curls!  It doesn’t make my hair oily or stiff like other “curl maintenance” products do and it doesn’t have a strong smell that might wage war with the scent of my shampoo.

The V05 shampoo was an impulse buy.  I was looking for White Rain shampoo in Green Apple but I decided to get this one on a whim. I use clarifying shampoo once a week or whenever my hair  gets greasy because I hate oily hair.  It’s one of my pet peeves and it’s high up on the list right next to streaky nails. :))

Random stuff

One of the things I love about department stores here in the Philippines is it’s a hodgepodge of everything quirky, practical along with high end and low end products.  They have really do something for everyone. 🙂

Speaking of quirky things, I got this funky eye patch for only P40.00. Perfect for those long day trips on the road or long flights.  I’m sure it will make someone laugh or do a double take. :))

Practical things… I got wooden cuticle pushers at a mere P10.00 for 5 pieces and Eye pencil sharpener for P50.00. 🙂  I can finally sharpen my favorite eyeliner.  And these pushers…. Is this a sign for me to start doing water marbling nail art?  That will be the day I do nothing but mop up the mess I will be making.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it educational somehow. 🙂

What are your favorite department store buys?  Do share!



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