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New In : Nail Polish

January 27, 2012

I’ve been thinking of buying the SaGreena the Teenage Witch Wet n Wild nail polish for months, and I finally gave in. :))  I was supposed to pass on it because I have a Zoya Ivanka coming my way, but it’s been delayed indefinitely so I’m settling for this dupe in the meantime.

Little did I know that it will set me on a nail polish shopping roll.  I ended up buying not one but SIX bottles. Sigh.  Maybe I should’ve stayed in the province. hahaha!

(From L-R)

Sally Hansen Purple Pulse, Sally Hansen Night flight, Tony Moly Galaxy Collection : Mercury, Wet n Wild Red Tape, Wet n Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch, Wet n Wild Night Prowl.

I didn’t feel like going out today so I just stayed at home and made swatches of these new babies.  I always put off making swatches after buying new bottles then end up not posting or forgetting to post the photos afterwards.   But since it’s 2012 already, I’m changing that bad blogging habit.  I promise to make swatches of new nail polish as soon as I can. :))  <Yes, promise talaga! kaya ko to! :P>

Anyway, let me start bombarding you with photos.

First up is Wet n Wild Night Prowl.  It’s a dark gray nail polish with lots of bright purple glitters.

As you can see it appears more like purple than dark gray.  I think this is a great alternative if you usually wear black nail polish and feel like changing it without breaking away from the color family.

The swatches in the photo are double coats of the nail polish.  I think Night Prowl is worth it at 99 pesos.  It’s a bit sheer when you apply only one coat but it doesn’t streak and glides on the nails well, which is a plus in my book.  I hate hate hate streaky nail polish.

Wet n Wild Red Tape.

Let’s pretend that you can’t see my Night-Prowl-stained nails, yes?

Red Tape is a warm shade of red that has a tinge of neon and hot pink in it.  It’s part of the Wet n Wild Mega Last line, although I didn’t wear it long enough to find out of it does last long without chipping.  The formula is similar to that of Night Prowl. Glides on smoothly without any streaks.  It’s 199 pesos and I am yet to see if it lasts long enough to be worth the price.  But for the shade, I don’t think it’s worth it.  It’s not that unusual to me, although it is an eye catching color.

Wet n Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch

The nail polish that started it all! :))  It’s a good dupe for Zoya Ivanka which, as I mentioned earlier, was the one I’m supposed to get but it was delayed indefinitely *hint hint ate Mae if you’re reading this haha!* and I couldn’t wait any longer so here it is.

This is three coats, because the formula is a bit sheer and I find two coats were a bit lacking in the vibrancy department.  Other than that I have no complaints.  No streaking and dries faster than normal nail polish.  It is, after all, a fast dry formula.  For this rare shade of green I think it was reasonably priced at 199 bucks.  It’s not a vegan formula like Zoya, but I don’t really mind since I’m not a vegan, and it’s cheaper.  This is currently my favorite green nail polish.

Sally Hansen Purple Pulse

Is it just me or did you find this color lacking as well?  I tend to be an extremist when it comes to colors.  It has to be intense and vibrant if it’s a dark or bright color, light and easy on the eyes for pale colors.  I don’t like half-baked colors like this one.  If they’re going for vibrant purple color, I find this one a couple of shades too light.  Or maybe I’m too used to my favorite frosted purple polish from Skin Food?

Either way, this nail polish fell short of my expectations.  At 399 bucks a pop, I expected the color to be better.  It applies lighter than it does on the bottle.  I’ll try applying three coats next time and see if it makes any difference.  If you are, however, partial to this shade of violet, then I recommend getting one.  The formula is really good.  It’s not too watery or goopy and it glides on smoothly.  Plus, you don’t even need a base or top coat anymore because this is formulated to be worn on it’s own without staining your nails. 🙂

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Night Flight

Night Flight is a really dark shade of Prussian Blue.  So dark it looks black on the bottle.  I think this is the blue counterpart of the classic wine red nails.  Intensely dark colors that lends an air of mystery.

The drawback?  STREAKS. 😐 Even after two coats, as you can see oh-so-clearly on the photos. This is the most disappointing nail polish ever.  I should have applied three coats instead of just two.    But seriously, I expected more from Sally Hansen.  😐

Normally, nail polish from Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry line costs around 350.00 each, but I got this one for free because I bought the Purple Pulse.  It’s a good thing it’s free because it isn’t worth buying.  I’m reserving the rest of my scathing comments for this one until I get to swatch it again.

American Apparel 7th and Alameda (not part of my haul)

Tony Moly Galaxy Collection – Mercury

Here I go again with my blackberry manicure.  I’m so used to painting my nails like this, it feels weird to have uniformly colored nails.

On my thumb and ring finger – Tony Moly Mercury from the Galaxy collection.  It’s my favorite collection from Tony Moly and I splurged on three bottles even though they’re a bit expensive at 328.00 per bottle.  I didn’t buy them all at the same time though. :)) Anyway, Mercury is a full-on glitter polish in a sheer black base color.  The glitters are a mixture of black, silver, red and blue.  The photos didn’t do it justice.  It’s more gorgeous in real life!

The downside of this nail polish is it’s hard to remove (like all glitter nail polish), chips easily, and it feels rough when it dries.  It seems to absorb all the top coat you apply on top of it and stubbornly keeps its papel de liha like texture.  Nothing I can’t live with.  As for the “hard to remove” part, I just apply clear polish on top of it and leave it on for half a minute to soften the nail polish before removing it.

On my index, middle and pinky finger – American Apparel 7th and Alameda.   I wanted something in the same color family as the Mecury and this gray nail polish was perfect!  The formula is a bit watery but it isn’t sheer or streaky.  The brush is a bit longer than that of other nail polish so you have be careful not to let globs of nail polish fall on your nails or you’ll end up with a too thick coat.  Other than that I think American Apparel’s nail polish are good.  I wish they’d open a store here just so I can hoard all the colors of nail polish that they have. hoho!

I just realized this is my first review post on nail polish 😮 If you have any comments or suggestions, just shoot me an email or drop me a comment. 🙂

I’ll end my post here because it feels like I’ve been gabbing nonstop about nail polish. :))

Thank you so much for reading!



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  1. Camille permalink
    February 2, 2012 11:54 am

    Oh myyyy. I love the dark blue one from Sally Hansen! Wait, are there shops here that sell Sally Hansen nail polish?

    • February 2, 2012 2:10 pm

      yep! Meron sa SM, Watsons, PCX, and Landmark. 🙂

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