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Off Duty

January 26, 2012

I was feeling lazy today so I went for an off-duty look a la Tinsley Carmichael of the Gossip Girl spin-off, It Girl.

There was one instance in the series where Tinsley was described by the author as “…dressed in head to toe black but her bright red lips made her look like an actress/model trying to keep a low profile…”.  I’m not a model or anything and I don’t look anything like Tinsley but the scenario just popped in my head when I was planning my outfit.  So off duty look it is. 🙂

Tank Top : Forever 21 || Harem Pants : Cambodia || Oversized Vest : Greenhills ||

Sandals : Prima Donna || Necklace : American Eagle Outfitters

What do you think of my outfit? Did I pull it off or not?

I’ve always wanted statement tote bags like this but I never could find one that I really liked, until I saw this in a souvenir shop near St. Mark’s Basilica in Vienna last November.   It’s simple but attention grabbing.  Paired with an equally low-key outfit et voila!  Just the outfit I had in mind. 🙂

I did add an oversized white vest since I was heading to a mall, and in some shops, the sales assistants are dressed in all black ensembles, and I didn’t want to be accosted by harried shoppers looking for a size 10 shoe or something.

I didn’t wear much accessories today because I think my hot pink lipstick was eye catching enough.

If you read my blog regularly, you already know that I rarely wear lipsticks, but since I’m channeling my inner Tinsley Carmichael, I gave in.  It turned out well and amazingly enough, I didn’t end up smearing it all over my face, which is, for an eternally clumsy person like me, a huge miracle.

This is my second favorite strappy flat sandals.  I got it on a sale in Prima Donna over a year ago.  It’s my go-to sandals  to wear with my black harem pants because in my mind, they’re just so poi-fect together. 😛

My bag with a few hanger ons. :)) Someone gave me those cutesy toys from McDonalds and I couldn’t not hang them on my bag.  Hello retro toys on my bag! 😛

Speaking of toys, do you remember my dog, Bean?  She has a habit of barking at me and Jenny <the photographer/maid> while we’re shooting my outfit photos, until she gets tired and lapses into silence while lying on her belly by the doorway with her paws hanging by the edge. :)) TOO CUTE NOT TO SHARE THE PHOTO, YES??

When she sees that we’re done she waits for us to go back inside the house while she dances and turns round and round on her tippy toes like this :))  Yet another one of her too adorable photos to add to my collection.

That’s all for tonight. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!



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