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New Year, New In

January 15, 2012

Hi guys!  How was the first two weeks of 2012 for you?

I had a haircut and I now have (sideswept) full bangs!  I’m not sure if I’d keep it like this or just sweep it to the side when it gets longer. We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll keep it if it’s not too much of  a hassle.

I am awfully late with all my blogposts (as usual) since I don’t have much time to edit photos and write new posts.  I just can’t make myself edit the photos I took on my second day in Paris and the other 5000++ from the other countries. I looked so haggard it will take a photoshop god to make me look decent enough for public viewing. :))

Plus, I forgot to make a post on what I received last Christmas and I am way too lazy to take photos of them now that they don’t feel new anymore. :))  Sigh.  It’s the start of another year and yet I haven’t changed my blogging habits at all.  Oh well.

Anybody from Isabela will attest to the lack of decent shopping malls.  Though we make up for that by feeding you enormous amounts of scrumptious food if you do visit :))

Okay I’m babbling!  I’ve already talked nonstop about the New Year so here’s the NEW IN part of my post! 🙂

I’ve wanted these since forever!  But I kept on restraining myself because if I don’t I’d end up buying all the colors I want and I’d be left with an empty wallet. :))  Esp. since they sell these for 80 to 100 bucks in Divi or Nail Up.  But now I got all these for free! :))  My dad scolded me for taking all these though because my mom was supposed to sell them. HAHA!

I’m thinking of selling nail art things online.  You can shoot me an email if you’re interested. 🙂

I also got these:

My dad was bewildered as to why I had to have so much nail polish all at once. :))

Daaaad! It’s a girl thing!  You have to accept it even if you don’t understand. hahahaha! 😀

Lastly, here’s a photo of some make up stuff my mom gave me.

Sheercover Mascara, Concealer, concealer brush , moisturizer and make up remover.

I’ll post swatches and some nail art thing tomorrow.   I’m a bit tired today since I’ve been up since 7am to help out with the opening of my Tita’s newest Chowking franchise.  I could not believe that a sleepy town like Echague had so much people in it!  Everyone had their necks buried with work trying to keep up with the demand of the customers.  :))  My parents and our other relatives had to keep on bringing in extra tables and chairs while some of us had to carry some of the pahabol stocks from the cars to the stock room since the staff were unable to cope on their own.

Forgive me for posting something as mundane as this.  It’s a bit boring here in the province and little things like these becomes the talk of the town. :))

Okay, even my laptop has barely enough battery left to keep on running so I’ll have to end this post here. 🙂

Thank you for reading!



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