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Christmas Shopping and Gifts

December 19, 2011

Only 6 days left before Christmas!

Being a bum and having nil allowance for the month means I have to burn cash from my savings, which is fast approaching ground zero. :))  So I have to control myself whenever I head to the mall or browse shops online 😐

I was out for the past few days, EVERYDAY, hunting for that elusive tribal print cardigan in F21 and Tony Moly BB Cream.

True enough, I ended up spending more than I was supposed to.  But then again, what’s new? :))

I blame the overwhelming crowd, Forever 21 and Tony Moly for the demise of my wallet.

(1)  Tony Moly haul.  (L-R) Free Face Mask, BB Cream, Lip Scrub, Snail Cream thingy (free), Nail Polish and a free packet of BB cream

Why do shops have what you’re looking for when you’re not supposed to spend?!  I’ve been checking various Tony Moly shops for the always-sold-out Jupiter nail polish and Expert  Triple BB Cream with spf 45+++  since I got back from my trip, to no avail.  I found the nail polish in their stand alone shop in Megamall and the BB Cream in SM North at the same day.  I wasn’t planning to buy them, but I decided to check the stores since I was already there.  Trust my fear for them to be gone when I go back to push me to buy the things and even throw in a lip scrub.  I really am a hopeless case.  Self control who?

(2-5) Forever 21 Haul.  Sigh.  Forever 21, you are my downfall.  Just when I resolve not to buy anything from your racks again, I find myself wandering through your well-lit store and lusting after everything.

(2) Crop top, Spike layer necklace, Tribal print scarf —– I wasn’t supposed to buy ANYTHING.  But I kept on stuffing EVERYTHING that caught my eye into my shopping bag, thinking that I’ll leave them all behind.  Only to be rendered incapable of letting go of the fabulous crop top, spiked necklace and tribal print scarf.  I. Couldn’t. Let. Them. Go.  The top would go with just about anything.  The spike necklace… Spiked anything is my weakness, within reasonable grounds of course, and this one is very very reasonable.  The tribal print scarf, which I fondly named “Igorot scarf” is just wonderful.  It was the only piece left and I didn’t have the heart to leave it behind.  It was just so perfect! I can already imagine it sprucing up all my solid color ensembles.

(3) Platform wedge heels.  It’s unconventional, burgundy, chunky and geeky.  What’s not to love?  

(4) Weird looking sunnies.  Another item that was flying solo on the racks.  Unique arm, color and lens.  Did you really think I’d put it back?

(5) Ahh. Loose shirts.  I’ve told you I’m fixated with the things.  As for the V-neck knit, it was a hangover from an identical shirt from Mango.  Same color, cut and style, and I do mean EXACTLY THE SAME THING, minus 3 thousand bucks.  What would you have done if you were in my shoes? :)) 

(6) I was in SM dept. store for the nth time last week staring balefully at the Rajo x Parisian shoes that I’ve been looking forward to buying.   But due to the fact that they do not look good on my feet, I forced myself to take a pass on them. </3 In the end, I got a pair of red ballet flats.  It’s so soothing to find the shoes you’ve been wanting for so long.  Well, not that long.  I know red flats are everywhere, but not the kind that I want.  I’m so very particular with my shoes.  It has to be affordable, trendy/classic, has good quality and has at least one unique detail.  This pair fits my requirements perfectly.  I hate shoes that looks cheap and this one doesn’t look like it costs a mere 300 bucks.  :)) 

(7) Mango is on sale!  I’ve been eyeing this tote for some time.  Same goes for this Vivienne Westwood-ish beaded clutch from Forever 21.  I’ve been hesitant to purchase these.  Good thing I didn’t because my friends Tin, and Rach bought them for me.  Thanks for the Christmas gift girls! 😉  

(8)  This was a delayed pasalubong from my good friend, JA.  The bag was closed at first so I was amused to see that every bag has another bag inside.  Bag within a bag within a bag….. you get the picture.  There was a total of five bags in it. :)) It’s so cute and perfect for organizing my make-up stash which looks like someone bombed mercilessly.  Must. Organize. Stat.

I do hope I didn’t bore you. :))

I’m being talkative the past few posts because I’ll be in the province for the holidays, and that means, no or very few updates.  Not that you guys aren’t busy with all the Christmas parties going on.  Every events organizer in town must be at their wits end by now. lol.

Any suggestions, violent reactions, etc. just drop me a comment.



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