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Dark Days

December 18, 2011

No, I’m not being morbid, I’m simply describing what the day was like when these photos were taken.

Top : H&M || Skirt : Trunkshow || Fishnet Tights : Giordano Concept || Socks : H&M || Boots : EDC by Esprit || Necklace : American Eagle Outfitters || Bangle : from Olympia, Greece || Bag : from London

It was dark, cloudy and the rain had just let up.  Annoyingly enough, it was perfectly sunny and hot a few minutes after I had my outfit photos taken. 😐  So forgive the grainy photos.  Oh, my camera sensor also needs cleaning, so if you happen to spot some errant black patches in the images, you already know the reason behind it. 😦

This is what I wore when I finally dragged my lazy ass out of the bed last Wednesday to go shopping.   I didn’t know what to wear but I certainly wasn’t planning to wear tights or boots.  Try wearing them almost everyday for 30 days in freezing weather, you’d get sick of it too. :))

But when I was putting an outfit together, I noticed that it was raining.  I don’t like it when my feet gets wet so I had no other choice but to wear these boots, which unfortunately, looks tres horribles on me without tights.   As a compromise, I picked out a fishnet pair which is more breathable compared to normal black tights.

I felt like going monochromatic for no particular reason. The loose fitting striped shirt felt right with my favorite leatherette bandage skirt from Trunkshow.  I have no idea why, but I am fixated with loose fitting shirts that looks drab in photos but looks nice in person.  This one in particular, skims my waist and hugs my hips.  It was perfect, even though I didn’t bother trying it on before I bought it. :))

And while I’m trying to channel my inner rocker chick, I decided to use the cheap ass tote bag (merely 2 GBP) I picked up in a random souvenir shop in London.  Too bad it wasn’t dirty or brownish enough to make me look like a genuine rocker. NOT. Off my rocker pwede pa! haha :))

Outfit details:

(right) Fishnet stockings I haven’t worn in forever.

(lower left ) Wooden bangle, opal ring and silver ring from Olympia, Greece, which I already blogged about in my recent haul post.  I forgot to include the intricate ring on my right hand here.  I was ogling the most magnificent bib necklace I’ve ever seen in my life in this silver shop in Carcassone and I just had to check it out.  Too bad it was way too expensive for me </3. To console myself, I got this ring instead.  It’s more Greek than medieval French (like the necklace) but I love it just the same.  I would’ve bought more if it wasn’t so pricey.  (I promise to tell you about this in detail on my next travel posts! :D)

(Upper left)  These boots saved my life during my trip to Europe.  Well not literally, but I had to leave my Aldo ankle boots in Italy (which I loved so much </3) since they were leaking a lot and it was already stinky and I needed a new pair since it was raining a lot on my first week in France and Spain.  I brought it all the way to Italy hoping that the smell would go away but it just won’t. 😐 So I promised myself that I’d find a suitable replacement. haha!  I bought a pair of lace up wedge booties in Paris (I will tell you the story in a later post ) and I’ve been wearing them practically everyday since so it was already scuffed and starting to tear here and there. Then I chanced upon this awesome pair in the most random Esprit store in Salzburg, Austria. :)) It was supposed to be 100 eu (egads!) but luckily, it was on sale for 40 eu.  So after a little deliberation, I bought it, and I never regretted it. :))  Oh, I left the booties in Austria, just in case you’re wondering, but I do have a ton of photos wearing it so I don’t really mind.

On a slightly different topic, I am so heartbroken to find that my top picks in the Rajo x Parisian shoes doesn’t look so good on my feet. 😦  I was dead set in purchasing a pair of Kylie S or Kylie G in purple and gray but it just didn’t feel right. <sigh>  I’m consoling myself with the thought that I saved some money but it’s not working right now. /wrist.

Okay, enough emo shiz.  I think I unloaded enough and I’m being over talkative. :))

Thanks for dropping by!



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