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Bon Jour Paris! (Day 1 in Paris)

December 11, 2011

Hey everyone!

After 50 million years, I finally waded through the gazillion photos I took during my trip and classified which ones are worth editing and all that.  I’ve also decided to make a day by day post here in my blog that will include a photo diary, travelogue and outfit photos, all rolled into one.  So expect uber long posts! 🙂 I’ve classified the photos into 4 categories, and there will be a lot so I hope you don’t mind being bombarded with photos. :))

Are you ready?  Or have you been waiting for me to shut up and get on with my post? :))

Category 1 : Outfit Photos

Sick of my face yet? haha!

 I arrived in Paris at around 6am, I was still jet lagged and I had to wait for my cousin to arrive in the hotel lobby for a few hours, instead of just one, since her flight was delayed.  We went out right after we left our luggage with the receptionists because we didn’t want to waste the day sitting around.  Spending the last 24 hours in airplanes and airports isn’t the best way to look sprightly in your photos soooo do excuse my haggard face and rumpled up clothes. 😀

(1)  My first photo ever taken outside our hotel.  Not exactly the sharpest photo there is but it’s the only one I have from day 1 in Port D’ Orleans.

(2) Me with the  Arc D’ Triomphe in Champs Elysees.  (details in the sights section)

(3) This is me, I couldn’t help laughing at myself because I felt silly posing for outfit photos in the middle of Champs Elysees, with about thousands of people milling around while some of them throw you strange looks to hint that they think you’re off your rocker.

(4) Posing with the most adorable ear-less ushanka in a Promod store.  I didn’t buy it even though I was sorely tempted.  It will probably end up rotting in my closet since I can’t use it here unless I have an ambition to roast my head.

Outfit details:

Top : Pink Manila || Coat : thrifted || Scarf : GH || Skirt : Nava  || Bag : (first two photos) Nine West  ( 3rd photo) Balenciaga || Shoes : Xhilaration


Category 2 : FOOD!

Food is a bit expensive in Paris compared to other cities in France.  

Apparently, American Airlines is stingy with food, so my cousin was starving when she arrived.  We decided to grab something to eat before going to Champs.  We ate in one of those outdoor cafes near our hotel.  Unfortunately, the food took reaaally long and the waiter smelled so bad I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been near a the shower for a couple of days and has never heard of deodorants. 😐 

Body odor talks aside, the food was passable but definitely too expensive at about 15 eu.  Why?  well, the croissant was too flaky and dry, all the bread were so hard you have to have industrial strength teeth to chew them well, and the orange juice was straight from the bottle.  

One big anyway!  After our excursion to Champs and making out of the metro alive and… well, we didn’t get lost.  We decided to just get some snacks from a boulangerie across the hotel, and these are what we had for dinner. 🙂

There wasn’t much to choose among the baked goods, sandwiches and pastries.  We didn’t feel like eating much either so we just split what we bought.  (1) Quiche (2) humongous mozzarella with tomato sandwich and one chocolate chip cookie which you could barely see in photo number 1. :))   All I have to say is… the food was way cheaper and better than what we had in the cafe.

Category 3 : Sights

(1) & (2) Rue de Port D’ Orleans.

(3) La-Motte Picquet-Grenelle metro station.  I got a glimpse of the Eiffel tower on the ride from this station to Champs, but I was so surprised I wasn’t able to take a decent photo.

 (4)  Champs Elysees street sign.  This is what the street signs look like in Paris.  

(5) The sight that greeted us right when we got out of the metro station.  Arc D’ Triomphe! 😀 

There are a LOT of arcs like this one scattered all over Barcelona and Italy, but this one is the biggest and most popular even though it was based on the Arc of Titus that is in Rome.  This was commissioned by Napoleon in the 1800’s to commemorate France’s military prowess.  You have to use the underground bridge to get to the center of the Arc, unless you feel like playing patintero with the cars.  :)) The arc is situated in a rotunda smack dab on the center of one end of Champs Elysees, one of the most popular shopping districts in Paris.

(6) & (7) The Louis Vuitton Flagship store.  It was as big as the church in St. Germain (which I will show you in my next travelogue post) and the staff is so snooty you better not go inside unless you’re buying something that you can smack them with.  Believe me when I say the people in Paris are the rudest bunch of people I’ve ever encountered in my life.  If you’ve read my post about Paris on my first day in Europe, you’d know what I’m talking about.  If not, it’s here.

Random statues inside the Claridge store.  

Paris is so picturesque.  There’s no denying how beautiful the place is, especially the tourist areas, but of course, every place has it’s down side and this place is no exception.  

Category 4 : Random Snapshots

(1)  Speaking of downsides, here’s a little something about Paris that people usually neglect to mention.  It’s not clean at all.  This is a photo of the base of a street lamp in Champs.  And yes, that’s garbage you can see hiding inside the broken thing.

(2) Some of the doors in the metro doesn’t open unless you lift the lever.  They close on their own, obviously, but it’s quite unnerving if you’re a tourist and it’s your first time to ride the train.  I had a why-is-the-door-not-opening freak out moment one time when we had to get off and I had no idea that I had to lift the lever so the door would open.  

(3) Now that I mentioned train doors… most of the trains had graffiti on the doors and windows.  Not to mention the walls of the stations itself.  If you’re wondering how the people who vandalizes the place gets away… There’s no one in the metro station aside from the passengers, train operators and the people in the ticket buying stations.  They don’t have security guards in ANY station, which is probably why the underground metro is a pickpocket’s heaven.

(4) Just one of those gross old bags of cookies left behind in one of the drawers of the hotel room.  Which wasn’t removed until we left even when I mentioned it to three different receptionist.  

(5) Obviously, Paris Day 1 wasn’t the most relaxing start you could have for a holiday.  My cousin whipped out these face masks from the depths of her luggage so we could pamper ourselves a little.  I tried the black one which is a charcoal face mask.  Little did I know it was really black as soot!  I gave myself stomachache because I couldn’t stop laughing as I drew lines on my face with it.  I dubbed myself taong greasy in Paris and had a laugh with my cousin before applying it properly.   That was the first time I ever used a face mask and Ate Mae (my cousin) was kind enough not to tell me that I shouldn’t apply any of it on my brows or eyelids.  Needless to say, I was laughing and crying by the time I was removing the thing from my face. :))

I guess you already figured out that the narration isn’t in chronological order, but I did my best not to confuse you :))

I hope you enjoyed seeing Paris through my eyes!

Honestly, I think Paris is overrated and that a lot of European cities are so much better. A lot of people in our tour group thinks so too, but that’s just us.  You might see it differently when you visit.  Do bear in mind that I am not being negative because I want to be, I’m just saying how things really were during my stay.   This is about my personal opinion and experience during/on my stay in Paris.  I’m not generalizing.

Anyhoo! Comments, suggestions, and violent reactions about this post are welcome, if you have any. :))

Later everyone!



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  1. December 11, 2011 2:01 pm

    ndi ako nabored!BINASA KO TALAGA!!!:)) haha..dami food.kagutom!!un totoo bkt tinirhan kau nun previous guest sa hotel ng cookies..ang friendly nmn!WAHAHAAHHA!!! day 2 na!!pagkain ah!!:))

    • December 11, 2011 2:18 pm

      hahaha! buti naman. :)) yay! haha kadiri kaya yung cookies! di talaga inaalis nung naglilinis O_O haha sige i-tweet kita pag na post ko na yung day 2 😛

      • December 11, 2011 3:14 pm

        sige!dami kac nagfloflood sa twitter..tamad nmn ako mag back read!:))

      • December 11, 2011 3:21 pm

        haha okay. if not DM nalang. basta mag check ka ng inbox ah. :))

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