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So I Went Just A Little Bit Crazy (Part 1)

December 2, 2011

Hi everyone!

It feels great to be back in the Philippines and to blogging, of course! 🙂 Yes, this means the hiatus is finally over and I am back for good. Well maybe, until my next holiday. But I do think I’ve had enough for at least 6 months.

Much as I love to travel and going around Europe, I think 30 days of non-stop touring does end up frying your brain and burning you out to the point that you don’t get excited over all the awesome things you see. Not to mention craving for all the Filipino food you usually take for granted. That was the worst part. :))

You might be curious as to why I wrote “(Part 1)” in the title. That’s because I’m not yet done organizing and editing the photos of my purchases from the trip, but I’m just so happy about them and I can’t wait to share them with you. So I’m making separate posts for the rest on a later date. I actually planned to make a travelogue before my haul posts but it was easier to make a haul post first. I also admit to being overexcited to write about the stuff I got for myself. :))

This post is all about, make-up, nail polish, body butter, lip balms and more nail polish. :))

Okay, enough with the words, I’m being overtalkative today.

My first ever nail polish purchase in Europe.

Ironic, isn’t it, that it has to be from American Apparel? :))

I got a good deal with these babies. They were 30 eu for four, instead of 9 or 11 eu each, I think. I can’t really remember well since I bought them in my last day in Paris, which feels like it was eons ago. I just had to have the blue ones from their denim jeans collection!

I had to restrain myself from buying all the colors. They all looked so yummy and pretty I think I died and went to nail polish heaven then back to earth.  Obviously.

Some random purchases here and there.


1. H&M acid green

2. H&M Hunt Me Down

(sorry I can’t remember some of the names. I promise to write the correct ones when I post a review or NOTD posts with these polishes.)

3. Revlon Galaxy

4. GOSH High Shine Top Coat

I got the H&M ones in an H&M store in Galleries Lafayette in Paris, right after stumbling into an American Apparel store while traversing the isolated backstreets in Paris. From Rue de Rivoli to the Opera House then to the giant shopping mall designed to make ordinary people weep blood, sweat and tears due to the feeling of utter pauperdom. It was filled with every single designer store in existence. I swear, you only have to step inside to know that you have to burn a serious amount of cash to go on a shopping spree in the place. And I am rambling. Again.

The last two, I bought in London, which is my last stop. I was on my way to Oxford street via metro when I saw this curious little stall in the middle of the underground shopping complex. They were selling brand name stuff for low low prices. I got those for only 2 GBP each. ❤ It’s a steal considering the plainest nail polish from Revlon costs around 250-350 here.

Nails Inc. Total jeez in your pants material, with it’s amazing holo effect.

To those of you who haven’t heard of holo top coats, Google is your friend. :)) I’d write it down but it’s almost 2am and I just can’t muster the energy to explain and exemplify the holo nail polish in all it’s almost diamond shimmering glory.

The darker one, I got in Harvey Nichols on my second to the last day in London.  The silvery one is a gift from my ever generous cousin. All the way from the US back to its home country then to the Philippines. I can’t wait to try them out!

AHHH! My current holy grail for nail polish.

I’ve wanted them ever since I saw the review for Layla magnetic nail polish effect in All Lacquered Up’s blog, but I don’t want to order them online. Imagine how happy I was when I saw the Nails Inc. stall at the very entrance of Harvey Nichols. I think I squealed in delight and flew to the display area and started fawning over the rows upon rows of nail polish while my cousin patiently waited for my excitement to subside before pointing out the Swarovski collection. Meaning, the cap is encrusted with Swarovski stones. I didn’t like any of the colors though, so I didn’t get any of them, no matter how tempting their glittery bottles may be. :))

Creme and glazed polish!

I almost fainted when I saw that the UK edition of Glamour magazine comes with a free bottle of Nails Inc. nail polish! 😮

Think! 2 GBP for one copy that comes with 11 GBP worth of nail polish!! Wouldn’t you be excited?? I got two copies, took the nail polish and gave the other copy to my cousin. :)) I don’t even like the cover girl, Kristen Stewart, but for the love of Nails Inc. I ignored her stoic face and bought two. haha!

1. Can’t remember O_O

(again I promise to rectify this when I write a post for it)

2. Westminister Abbey

3 & 4. Basil Street & Victoria

5. Warwick Way

Usually around 16 USD or 11 GBP each, these were cheaper at 22GBP for 3 bottles. How could I say no?

My Nails Inc. haul ❤

I got these for spending over 40 or was it 50GBP?

Hand cream, glass file and 3 mini bottles of nail polish in one gorgeous box.

I am so in lalala love with Nails Inc. ❤

I’ve been looking all over for the perfect gold and emerald green polish and I found them! BarryM, according to my cousin, is a cheap brand but has good quality. Now who am I to question the nail polish and make up expert? :))

I got three for good measure. They were only 3GBP or 2 GBP each.

BarryM is available in the Topshop flagship store in Oxford Street.

Another thing I got from all the magazines I bought in London was a joy card for The Body Shop, worth 3 GBP. :)) Not bad, considering the store was also on sale. I got 3 lip balms for 4 GBP. the Spiced Vanilla lip balm was 3GBP, almond hand cream, 4GBP and the body butter was a mere 7 GBP. I consider this a pretty good deal. I would have spent a whole lot more if I bought these here in the Philippines.

My favorite make up haul from KIKO Make Up Milano. Ate Mae, my cousin that I’ve been talking ab0ut earlier but kept on omitting her name, said that the quality of make up from this shop is at par with MAC, minus the hefty tag price.

I originally have three tubes of lipgloss but since she couldn’t find hers, and I didn’t like that shade so much (and it was the same as the one she lost) I gave it to her instead.

I will never forget the first time I bought something here :)) We were on walking tour in Florence, Italy, when we passed by a KIKO store. My cousin and I looked at each other, then at the tour guide who wasn’t paying attention to us, then ran straight for the shop. lol!

We were in such a hurry to get back to the group that I wasn’t able to buy everything I wanted. I obsessed over this shop until I found another one in the backstreets in Venice, where I shopped to my heart’s content. :))

Can you believe all of that, including the lipgloss I gave to my cousin, would amount to only about 50 eu? Unbelievable.

I will post a review of them soon.

OMG. As much as I love Nails Inc., it has to take the back seat for this brand.

Koh is only available in Netherlands and the one and only experience shop can only be found in de Bijenkorf, a luxury shopping centre in the heart of Amsterdam.

This is the only thing that got me excited to go to Amsterdam. Not the red light district, not the canal cruise, windmills or the bong.


1. LE Jeans Collection

2. Holo Glitter polish

3. Glittery beige

Their nail polish don’t have names so I described them as best as my sleepy brain could at the crack of dawn.

These are a bit pricey than most nail polish at 15 eu each but they come with gorgeous cases and awesome formula and color that makes you forget about the holes it burned in your wallet. :))

See? It comes with it’s very own lipstick case-like case and a mini paper fan with a retro b&w image at the back.

This, I really can’t wait to use.

Expect my next NOTD post to be all about KOH.

That’s all for tonight.

I’ll try to write a post about the rest tomorrow. I do hope you shared my enthusiasm for my purchases.

Watch out for their solo posts when I finally finish blogging about my trip, hauls and OOTD’s.

Can I just say that it feels so great to be home? 😉



P.S. I almost forgot about this!

Urban Decay Naked Pallete, Erre Due nail polish, Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek tint, L’occitane hand cream, Eye make up remover, mini mascara for eyelashes on the lower lid, UD eye primer, and Nars highlighter.

All for nothing at all! My cousin gave them to me before she left for the US. sniff sniff. Wouldn’t you love to have a cousin like mine? :)) Although I think of her more like an OLDER sister than a cousin. ahem ahem. joke lang ate mae ha! :)) =)) love youuu hahahaha! and thanks again! ❤

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