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Breaking the Silence

October 31, 2011

This post might come as a surprise since it was only a few days ago that I announced that I’ll be on a blogging hiatus, but I just HAD to tell you guys about the rudest hotel receptionist I have ever encountered in my life.

Before I start with my story, imagine that you are in my shoes.  You were on a plane for 3 hours, then you had to wait for the transfer for 4 hours then on a flight for 14 freaking hours (all alone) where you had to force yourself to sleep just to adjust to the timezone.  You arrive in your destination expecting to have a really great day ahead, which you did, after nearly getting lost in train stations, and despite being treated with “mild” rudeness by most of the pompous French people in the city.  You let everything slide since you intend to have fun.  Only to have one stupid and moronic and uneducated person ruin the first day of your holiday for you.  How’s that for a rude welcome to Paris present ?  You are exhausted from being in planes and airports for almost 24 hours and spending the entire day figuring out the metro station and dealing with rude people and this what they do?  Really??

It’s only my first day here but I’ve already seen how the beauty of Paris is a mere physical facade that hides all things that are dingy and dirty. E.g. train stations.  Even our MRT and LRT’s will put them all to shame.  Graffiti on every wall in the subway,  garbage in the train itself and the musty smell.  Seriously, it’s as far from the glamorous image of Paris that is fostered in our minds.  The hotel I’m staying in is the worst I’ve ever stayed in in my life, the hotel in Santiago city included.  I would have ignored the claustrophobia-inducing elevators and room, but I will never keep quiet when someone is so rude to me.  Especially if I didn’t do anything to earn such treatment.

Can you believe I found a package of cookies, it was already opened, in one of the drawers of the room??  Did they even clean the room?!  I would have let it pass if it weren’t for the rude receptionist who answered my phone call, when I was asking for more pillows.  This is how the conversation went:

me: Can I have 2 extra pillows please?

Receptionist: what?

So I repeated my request and he says this:

No. Don’t have any, ask again tomorrow. *right before he hung up on me*

Do I even have to point out what was wrong there?

What kind of hotel receptionist hungs the phone up when talking to a guest??  I wasn’t even making an unreasonable demand, I was also asking politely, whereas HE doesn’t even bother to apologize and HANGS UP.

But still I ignored that.

I called again when I realized I’d need a different kind of adapter for my electronics.

He just said he doesn’t have one and that if I need one I should go down to his desk and bring him the plug that needs an adapter.  I understand that he was alone downstairs, but he was just so rude he sounds like he was talking to a servant instead of a guest.  He hung up on me AGAIN.  That’s when I blew my top.  It was one strike too many and I will not take it quietly while some French guy who doesn’t even know the word “shout” or speak English properly insults me like that.  NO ONE and I mean NO ONE, not even my parents, have ever slammed the phone down on me.

Take note that this was around 9 in the evening, I was already dressed to go to sleep, but I just put a long coat over it and went to the reception desk.

Me: Were you the one who answered my call?

Receptionist: Yes? (he said this in a “do not bother me tone”)

Me: (calmly)  I need an adapter.

Him : I don’t have one.

Me: That’s impossible.  I really need one, I even went down here for this, because you said I have to pick it up myself and now you’re telling you don’t have one?

He starts sputtering stuff about me yelling at him over the phone and that he doesn’t understand enough English which is why he hung up.

Is that even a valid excuse??!

Millions of people go to Paris every year, and you can’t even be bothered to learn a language that is supposed to be a requirement if you’re going to work in the hotel business?!

My blood reached boiling point and I slammed my laptop plug down his desk.  ” I need an adapter and I am not going anywhere until you get me one.”

Him: do not “cry” at me!  You don’t have the right! I don’t work for you only!

Me: I could say the same.  You do not have the right to yell at me or talk to me like that.  I am a guest here and you do not have the right to yell at me or hung up on me, just because I’m a tourist and I am not French.  You do not work for me but I am one of the people who actually pays for your salary.

He actually pretended to ignore me and shuffled around his desk, though I saw that his hands were shaking badly.

Me: Do you realize that I can complain about you and this hotel to the travel agency that booked me here?  Do you realize how many customers you might lose?

Him : mumbles to himself then he says “All right I’ll find one for you in ten minutes.”

Me: Okay, I’m going to wait here. (I was in front of the desk, watching him)

Him: Go over there (he points at the hotel lobby)

I ignore him and keep on staring at him just because I like making him a tad uncomfortable for yelling at me. :))

He was still shaking when he went searching for adapters.  He gave it to me after testing it out.

It turned out to be the wrong adapter.  I had enough of the dude to last me a lifetime so I just waited for my cousin to finish charging her phone so I could use her adapter.

Paris Orleans hotel in the crappiest hotel I have ever stayed in.  Don’t make the mistake of booking this hotel should you be planning to go to Paris.  It will ruin your holiday.

I am so talking  to the Cosmos tour director about this when he/she arrives.


Oh and this morning, my cousin and I went to the hotel resto for breakfast and everyone, I do mean EVERY ONE of the freakin European guests were staring at us. Rude stares that tells you how incredulous they are that you even have the gall to be in the same room as them let alone breathe the same air as them.  Well they could choke on all my carbon dioxide emissions for all I care.  I just stared right back at a middle-aged man who can’t keep his eyes to himself until he looked away.

They’re not what I came here for and they are not going to ruin my vacation.

Oh, if you happen to be one these people I’m talking about, I suggest you don’t bump my camera or stare at me because I’m not afraid of you.

Word of advice, don’t mess with the wrong Asian.

Oh, I forgot, you can’t understand English, douche.



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