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Cracked Open

October 19, 2011

I’ve been meaning to blog about this weeks ago but I always end up putting it off for other posts until now.

Maybe it’s due to the lack of outfit photos since my parents are here.  I always dress down when they’re in the city, and I am not kidding when I say “dress down”.   But still, my father always always finds something to criticize about me.  I don’t even know why I bother to make an effort when it practically goes unnoticed.  Someday.  Someday.


If you’re wondering what’s been cracked open, it’s this bottle of Caronia top coat I bought eons ago.  I say eons only because I can no longer remember when I bought it.  But, my tongue is running away with me again.  Here’s a photo.

The bottle broke while I was trying to open it.  It was reeeeally stuck 😐 I think some of the nail polish leaked out of the bottle into the cap and dried up which is why it was really stuck.  So when I tried real hard to twist it open, the top part broke and the nail polish spilled all over my hands and bed covers( I was on my bed, obviously), and not to sound like a prima donna (since I am NOT one) but it stings when your skin gets soaked in the liquid.


My hand was reaaaally red and painful(bearable, but still) even though I managed to wipe off the nail polish before it dried on my hand.

Painful hand + broken bottle.  Broken bottle = can’t use it. 😐  Normally I would just throw away the bottle, and let it go, but since I was on “tipid” mode at that time, and I just bought the bottle to try it out, thinking that if  works well I’m actually saving money since I don’t have to buy more expensive quick-dry top coats.  But yeah, you know what happened.  And though I have never done it before, I decided to let the company know about the incident.  I posted a message on their facebook page.

They responded promptly the next day.  They sent me an email to ask for photos of the broken bottle and my contact details.  One of the customer care reps even called me to say that they will replace the bottle and send me some other Caronia products as well.  It was kind of them to do so since this is the first time they received a complaint about broken nail polish bottles.  I wasn’t expecting much, maybe at least replace the broken one but not what arrived in my doorstep after a week.

Before  I forget, I actually wrote the wrong name up there ^^^^ I said “kwik dry” instead of fast dry top coat 😐  I only realized my mistake after 2 days, when I looked at the bottle again. oh well papel.  They  must be wondering how on earth the oil could make the cap stick to the bottle. :))

Here’s what they sent me:

The package was hand delivered by a man in a Caronia shirt.  Imagine him wearing a shirt in the same color scheme as that paper bag. :)) Pretty cute.  Anyhoo! Here are the deets of the photos.

(1) Paper bag


They even sent along some post it notes with a nail polish photo on the side (I misplaced this one already :|) a mouse pad and some stickers.  I wonder what they think I’d need the stickers for. lol.  

(3) A complete set of Caronia’s pro care line.  

So I still get a 15mL bottle of the fast dry top coat. \:D/

(4) The 30mL Kwik Dry bottle

Because of my “palpak” post.  Magrereklamo nalang palpak pa :))

(5) 7 bottles of nail polish, most of it from their new collection.  

It’s a good thing I haven’t bought anything from their new collection yet because they sent me all of it.   I’m not really drawn to bland colors that are frosted and pearlized.  By bland I mean not so light and not so intense.  I tend to veer towards dark/intense or really pale shades that are just a few shades away from white.

I created a swatch for it.

Didn’t feel like changing my nail polish yet so I used it on some fake nails.

I already have a bottle of the frosted hot pink polish at the bottom right part, so I gave that one away.  I kinda like the purple, pearly white and lavender.  The blue looks luminescent but I don’t think it’ll look good when applied on my nails.  It’d look better on morena or really fair skinned girls.  Same goes for the green and bronze.  Hm.  Maybe I’ll use them for my color block nails.

But anyway, I learned something from this, and that is to ALWAYS check if the bottle of nail polish is easy to open before buying it.   You should too.  It’s a waste of money and time when incidents like this happens.  Better safe than sorry, yes?  Especially since not all companies in the Philippines are accommodating when it comes to customer complaints or feedback.  I was lucky Caronia has really good customer care services/system.

Thank you Caronia, for the package.  I hope more companies learn to handle customer feedback as well as you guys do.  It definitely made me feel better when I received the package. :))



P.S.  I’m leaving for Isabela tomorrow morning, which means no outfit posts for a week or so.  Expect to be peppered with style features and “inspiration” posts for the time being :))

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