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Witching Hour

October 13, 2011

What I wore to school last Tuesday.

Top : Ensembles || Skirt : Forever 21 || Sandals : Matthews || Accessories : Random

Vote for this look in Chictopia 😀

Hype this look in Lookbook 🙂

Channeling my inner “manghuhula”, hence the title.


It was only after I looked at my photos that I realized I look like a manghuhula (palm reader) :)) I just felt like mixing prints and this is the only maxi skirt I own that has prints on it. Paired it with my favorite loose top from Ensembles. 🙂 One of my friends thought I’m wearing a dress.  Maybe they do go well together after all, even if it made me look like a witch. 😀 😀

Some of my classmates and I went to Greenbelt after class.  We were supposed to watch a Spanish movie but the tickets for the 7:00 pm film were sold out already so we ended up getting some milk tea and talking about every random thing we could think of.

I also visited one of my bestfriends in her office before going home.

No photos though, I don’t really like lugging my camera around. 😛

Remember my post yesterday about my mom issuing an ultimatum? :)) The one where I have to start looking for a job on January?  Let”s say I got so worried and anxious about it that I actually started browsing for job openings online and I actually found one that I reeeeeally really like!  I like it so much I’m getting all hyped up and I have to restrain myself from submitting a resume :))  I am lazy as anyone but when I get in the mood to start working I just barrel right through until it’s done. haha!  Can’t say what it is yet though, because I might jinx it. Que horror! :))

Oh, this might be one of my last few posts before I leave on the 28th since my parents will be here on Monday and that means no more outfit photos :)), then I’ll be in the province until a few days before I go to EU, so go figure.  I’ll try to update while I’m overseas, but I’m not so sure if I’ll have the time.  BUT, I really will try. Try being the operative word. :))

Oh, I have to write 3 more posts today so I have to end this here.

Better write them all down before some of the details starts to slip my mind.

Check back later 🙂


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