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Girl ‘n’ Boots

October 12, 2011

This is what I wore last Friday 🙂

vote for this look in Chictopia 🙂

Hype it in Lookbook 🙂

Tank Top : Terranova || Vest : Ensembles || Belt : Dept. Store || Skirt : Nava || Boots : Chocolate Schu Bar || Bag : Cambridge Satchel

I really hate it when cars pass by and just ruins the perfect outfit photo 😐

But I can’t find a suitable photo to replace this one so here it is.

Good thing it’s blurred and it looks okay as a backdrop. :))

I missed wearing these uber comfy and chic boots, so I decided to go all earthy tones with a pop of purple. 🙂  First time to wear the vest I got from Ensembles.  It’s one of the pieces I got when I won GC’s from the shop.  It’s a great item to have in your wardrobe (or maybe it’s me and my love for the versatility of vests) because it’s great for layering.  It adds instant chic factor to your outfit without going overboard.  I’m all for understated elegance, unless I feel like splashing on prints or brights (which I rarely do) :))

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I had a Lookbook account long before I joined Chictopia, but because the links or buttons won’t work, I manually created a link for it. Do check it out, but don’t be harsh since the looks there are from over a year ago. :))

I have no excuse for this extremely late post and my absence for the last few days except maybe laziness hitting me like a plague. :))  I’ve been so engrossed in watching all the TV series that’s piled up in my hard drive that I kept on putting off writing new posts.  BUT!  I was so rudely yanked out of my self-made bumming induced reverie by a phone call from my mother early this morning telling me this:

“Finish whatever you want to do until December because I want you to start looking for a job on January.”

My mouth dropped open (so un-lady like of me) and in my head I was screaming “NOOOOOOOO!” at the top of my lungs. :))

I was so surprised I was rendered speechless for a few seconds. :)) If it weren’t for my mother’s voice coming from the phone, I would have remained frozen on the spot for hours. I’m kidding of course.  It’s not that I never thought of getting job.  It’s just that I was thinking of resuming my studies in I.C. and maybe Fashion styling after that.   But I guess  that won’t happen unless I can convince her to let me study while I’m on the hunt for a job.  And when your softie of a mother starts to issue ultimatums, you can’t take it lying down.  (So I am writing this post to distract myself, except I just ended up spilling my guts about the matter. FAAAAIL)

I’ve been easy going lately,what with being a bum, but this was enough to make my brain go on overdrive. 😐  I swear I’m already making a mental list of where I’ll be applying, what I’ll be needing and what to do while still job hunting, all while my brain scrambles and begs me to slow down and focus on my impending trip to Europe.

I’m used to traveling and living on what I have in my suitcase for a maximum of 10 days, but 30 frickin’ days is different! And winter clothes to boot! Where the heck do I even start???! OH EM GEEE.  And while my brain is in utter chaos, in struts my baby dog with her puppy dog eyes begging for lunch.

So I have to cut my rant short :)) I’m off to have lunch and maybe paint my nails before getting rid — er, writing more posts.

I do my best scheming while painting my nails. :))



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