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Color Me Happy

October 5, 2011

This is what I wore to school yesterday 🙂

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Dress : H&M || Leggings : Mango || Bag : Cambridge Satchel Company || Flats : Juan

I was thinking, oh I want to wear something bright today.

but not so loud that I could rival street signs :))

Because the colors were eye-catching enough, I didn’t want to go overboard and look overly overdressed for school so I picked a basic tank dress, plain black leggings and beige cardigan.  I also dislike fussy clothes when I use this batchel because it’s not easy to use, especially if you’re a commuter like me.  Which is why I only wear one or two “hassle” pieces per outfit and the rest are more commute friendly. (e.g. heels + maxi skirt paired with plain tank top and vest that I don’t have to straighten every so often.)  In this case, I have the batchel, which is a hassle to open and close because of the buckle strap fasteners.  Sometimes I don’t wear rings because I don’t want to accidentally scratch it. :))

 I wanted to wear a big black cross necklace, but I don’t have one, so I used a black sailboat necklace instead.

I think I’m going to dress in colorful clothes more often.


I love the snake ring on my middle finger.

Haven’t seen anyone wear one like it yet so that’s a plus factor. 😉

I have news!  It seems like the urge to  wear happy colors yesterday was a sign that I will be given more reasons to be happy the rest of the year! 😀 After months of preparing papers and the nerve racking wait for interviews, the interviews itself, and waiting for the results…  It was all worth it!  <sigh of relief>  The Italian Embassy just released my visa today, thus all the requirements for my Europe tour is complete! 😀 😀 *chicken dance*  I am so excited I can’t even find the words to express myself! :))

It’s the perfect trip to do before I start to work or start a business.  Maybe it will even help me decide what I really want to do because I just can’t seem to pick which career I really want.

Oh, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.  For now, I’m gonna start preparing for one month of Europe, crossing boundaries, savoring different cuisines, and a bit of shopping here and there.

I hope you guys had a great day

and I wish the last few months of 2011

will be epic for you as well!



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