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Port 88 Bazaar

September 29, 2011

This post is more than a week late

and I’ve already worn most of the stuff I got in the bazaar.

Forever late talaga ako.

Oh well papel. :))

I was feeling lazy that day, so instead of

going to Ms. Divine Lee’s garage sale

and bazaar, I ended up shopping in Forever 21 and met up with

my cousins Giezelle and Gwendell.

We went to the bazaar together

then we decided to look around on our own and meet afterwards.

Oh and here I am in my tamad outfit.

I was feeling reeeeally lazy so I just put on a v-neck shirt, shorts and some necklaces.

Added a scarf to my ever reliable Longchamp bag.

I usually use this bag when I know I have to carry a lot of stuff

and I don’t feel like toting a ton of tiny bags.

I ended up buying stuff and tossing them in my bag right after. :))

Of all the days to pick as my “off” day, I had to pick the day

where I’ll be in a place crawling with fashionably dressed girls.

Oh well, kasalanan ng pms. :))


I spent so much in the bazaar! 😐

It was a good thing I was able to save money because

I didn’t go shopping for a month and I bought new shoes

a few days before the bazaar, so I wasn’t tempted to buy shoes. hoho!

aaaand here’s my Port 88 bazaar haul.

The first items I bought.

One of the main reasons why I really wanted to go to this

bazaar is to visit the Elan Bijoux booth.

It was so pretty and the items were displayed in such a cute

way I didn’t even want to touch anything. :))

[Unfortunately, because tinatamad ako that day, I didn’t bring my camera, so no photos of the bazaar :|]

What I really wanted to buy in the bazaar were

accessories, so there, rings galore!

All the rings above are from Mia Casa 🙂

It’s funny how some people think the troll ring is freaky

while some thinks it’s cute. :))

I remember playing with these little dolls back when I was a kid

and my eccentric side just couldn’t resist them.

It’s a total steal at 85 pesos 😛

My current favorite animal ring from Street Rebel Botique.

Got this for 90 pesos, I think.

My personalized anagon ring!

It looks so much better in person and it’s totally worth the price. 😀

Oh I also got to meet Ana Gonzales who personally took our orders.

(since she’s going to make the rings herself)

My current favorite vintage sunglasses from Pretty and Perfect closet.

I’m not a sunglass person but I fell real hard for these sunnies

so I bought them just before we left the bazaar.

I blame my cousin for looking around some more,

which made me look around again and saw these. :))

No regrets though. 😛

The only beauty product I got in the bazaar was this cute nail polish

from Red Girl shop.  Only 40 pesos 😀 😀

Photo with Ana 😀

(grabbed from Ana haha)

And another photo of my cousin and me with Melai of F-Stop, Aie Corpuz, Aisa Ipac and Ana.

(photo from Aisa :D)

 I look so weird here but it’s the only photo I have with them so

it will have to do :))

It was really fun meeting them, they were so friendly

and easy to get along with. ❤

Thanks “ate” Giezelle for letting me tag along.

I would have been lost without you. haha!

We took a cab after the bazaar, then they dropped me off

in megamall, where I did more damage to my wallet. :))

Evian facial spray and Ever Bilena Mousse blusher.

I was supposed to get the mist spray from Etude House

but I remembered that Watsons have the Evian one,

and also ended up buying the mousse blush that was on sale. :))

Oh, here’s a sneak peek of the clothes I got in the bazaar

and Forever 21.

Prints, stripes, sheer and brights. 😉

I took all these photos when I got home.

And because I hate

clutter when it comes to my closet, I ended up reorganizing  most of

my rings in this container I keep in one of my drawers.

I had to remove and rearrange a lot of stuff to make room for my

new acquisitions, but it was worth the hassle.

I absolutely love how they look, oh so neatly arranged. :))

Now if only it could stay that way forever…

Because unfortunately, I broke my favorite ring from

The Bead Shop 😦

I usually roll the beads in their place when I’m in class

and they suddenly fell off because the thread holding them in place broke.

But I figured I could put it back in place so

while my OC mode was on, I decided to sew them back.

and tadaaaaa!

good as new 😀


That ends my Port 88 Bazaar post!

Thank you for reading 😀

My tummy is starting to complain so I have to go eat now. :))



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  1. October 1, 2011 10:29 am

    Nice blog Erika! Thanks for visiting redgirlshop!! Visit the website 🙂

    • October 1, 2011 2:30 pm

      thank youuu! 😀 will check it out. 🙂 kakagamit ko lang nung nail polish yesterday. I’ll post a review soon. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by! ❤

  2. Aie Corpuz permalink
    September 3, 2012 8:31 am

    Cute clay rings!

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