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*good ol’* Fashion Lust

September 28, 2011

I realized just now that it’s been

3 days (4 if I include today) since I’ve posted anything.

And because I’m still up in this ungodly hour,

after purging my closet of all the clothes I haven’t worn

for ages (and probably won’t wear again)

I am lusting over some  new things I reeeeally want to buy.

I listed down my Top 10 of the moment and anecdotes for every one of them. 🙂

Top 1 on the list is :

Janylin’s version of these D&G face shoes 

(photo from Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes)

It looks so divine, doesn’t it?

It’s the kind of shoes that just stamps itself into your brain forever.

Just look at the date when Jane posted this.  June 2010! :))

But when I saw the look alike in Janylin, I knew right away

that it was a copy of the shoes in that post.

Except Janylin added some thin ankle straps to their version.

I tried it this afternoon and it’s sooooo comfortable and

easy to walk in and just so pretty!

Argh! and I just told myself I’ll quit buying shoes because

I don’t have space for new ones, but this one is keeping me wide awake at night.

*it’s the reason why I cleaned out my closet and I’m still up at 3am :|*

Beautiful shoes and new nail polish are my kryptonite

and the death of my wallet. 😦

Will someone please please be kind enough to give me a pair?

I’m a size 8 and I will be forever grateful if you buy it for me. HAHA :))

Top 2 : Amplifier Satchel from Elan Bijoux

(photo from Reese Lansangan here)

They also have Beatles satchel and as you can see up there, one with a piano design.

I reeeeeeeally want it!

If I hadn’t taken a turn to striking but simple kind of style,

I would love to dress like the owner of Elan Bijoux, Reese Lansangan.

I love the way she dresses.

Unique, eclectic and colorful with sweet touches here and there,

but she still manages to look edgy and put together.

* do check out her blog, I have her in my blogroll*

She’s one the exceptions who can wear just about anything

and make it look good *e.g. creepers*.

(okay I sound like a total fan girl here haha)

Anyway, I’m deviating from the topic! :))

Because my father frowns at the way I dress, I developed a rather

“tame” way of dressing with just a hint of eccentricity here and there.

*it doesn’t help though because he still says I’m weird when he sees me dressed up* 

The eccentric side of me is begging me to buy this satchel. 😛

But I have to control myself, so I’m trying to convince myself to put it off and

that I’d buy it if it’s still available after my Eurotrip

even if  it’s killing me because I haven’t bought it yet :))

Oh well, if luck is on my side, I’ll have it by December.

Something to look forward to 😛

Top 3: Scallop Tops

I don’t know what the world has against me because

there is almost always unfortunate that happens when

I feel like purchasing scallop tops </3

which is why I don’t own EVEN ONE to this day.

These tops from Pirouette is make me want to magically

create loads of money to buy every color and print available :((

Now if only I really could do that….

Top 4: Ankle socks

Aren’t these socks the cutest??!

Not my usual style, I admit, since I don’t have much affinity

when it comes to printed anything. I tend to stick to solid colors,

but who can resist these adorable socks?

These would look great with peep toes and strappy sky high platforms 😉

I could easily buy some socks in department stores but

I am afflicted with “gotta have them all” disease when

it comes to any fashion item, esp. if it’s affordable.

I don’t want to spot multitudes of socks in pretty colors and end up

broke because I bought all of them :))

Top 5 : Collars

I never liked polo shirts . Like, Ever.

If you know me personally, you can attest to the fact that I’ve never

worn a polo shirt since you met me.

(button downs,however are a different story)

But these detachable collars with edgy studs,

crisp cuts and wide array of designs makes me soooo excited I want to bounce

up and down and collect them all.

Check out this post for more detachable collars 😉

This is a total must-have item because you can wear it with almost

anything and it will brighten up your simplest outfits

while it further jazzes up a really fashyon ensemble.

Top 6 : Cambridge Satchel Music Bag

I usually hate pink, but the moment I saw this music bag by Cambridge Satchel,

I changed my mind.

More flexible, taller and roomier than its satchel and batchel cousins,

The music bag is also easier to use because you no longer have to

undo and redo buckles when you need to take something from your bag.

I am thinking of selling my batchel and getting one of these instead.


Top 7 : Alexander Wang Rocco  Bag

If you read my blog regularly, you would know how crazy I am

about this bag because when I found a look alike by Ensembles,

I snapped it up and used it almost everyday,

to the point that I exclude it from the photos of my outfit posts

because it might bore you all to death. :))

Top 8 : Beanies

I remember falling in love with these when I spotted some really cute ones

from Topman 3 years ago (ended up buying two at once haha).

And I still am addicted to them.

They’re just so easy to pack and they add chic factor to any outfit.

Beanies are my go-to accessories when traveling because

they’re easy to pack, and there’s no need to worry about it getting creased.

Plus, they go with just about anything. 😉

Top 9 : Artists Beret

I’ve been hunting for these kinds of hats long before they became mainstream.

I don’t usually wear hats in the Philippines because I don’t

like sweating my head off, and it makes me feel like my outfit is OTT, but

when I do wear hats I usually stick to beanies and artist berets.

Although I do use bowler hats and fedoras occasionally.

Top 10 : Leggings with Leather Panels

It’s been quite some time since I last bought jeans or leggings,

mainly because they feel constricting after all the maxi skirts,

dresses and shorts I’ve been wearing lately. :))

But I am making an exception to these leggings with leather panels.

I’m not in a hurry to buy one though, but maybe next month, I will.

But only because I’ll really need it:P

So there is my top 10!

Whew! This is quite a long post, but it’s worth it considering I haven’t

blogged for 3 days.  I blame the brown out yesterday for the abberations

in my outfit and haul posts. :))

I really want to post some of them now but

I have to sleep because I need to wake up at 9am since

today is my first day of class for level 4 Spanish.

I promise to post them after class. :))

Hasta luego!



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