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Color Block Nails 2.0

September 25, 2011

I really loved my previous

color block nail art so I did it again,

 but using different colors. 🙂

I also included photos that will show you

how I did my nails, one step (and color) at a time.

I included some instructions as well. 🙂

Enjoy! 😉

Step 1: Choose your base color

I picked Avon Speed Dry in S105 Fusion Fusion.

It’s a nice contrast if you plan on using dark, intense, glittery/frosted

or even neon nail polish on top of it.

What you see above is about 3 coats, to make it streak free.

Not a hassle though, since it dries quickly.

Step 2: Pick a color that will stand out from your base color

and apply it diagonally.  I usually paint the diagonal slash first

before filling out the half part with nail polish.

This is a Limited Edition MAC Blue India.

I rarely use it because I really love the shade and I don’t want

to use it up so quickly. :))

Oh, I’m still doing blackberry nails for this nail art.

(click on the link if you don’t know what it means :D)

Step 3 : Add another shade on the rest of your nails, this time

the diagonal line is in the opposite direction of the line in your

thumb and ring fingernail.  This optional, of course, if you want 

uniform looking nails, by all means, go ahead. 😛

I used Skin Food BW701 for this.

It’s an intense black shade with teeny tiny silver glitters infused

in the formula for that subtle but vampy kind of black.

The glitters are so subtle it only shows when the light hits your nails.

The glitters gives your black nails a silvery glimmer.

Step 4 : Add another shade on top of the second color,

diagonally and again, towards the opposite direction.

Some bloggers do this with four colors but

my  nails aren’t long enough, and they tend to

break when I grow them too long, so I make do with 3.

My favorite purple polish, VI408 by Skinfood.

I am yet to find a purple polish that can top this one.

Even the swatches of purple Zoya and Deborah Lippman

that I’ve seen can’t beat this one.

VI408 is the most vibrant shade of frosted purple,

infused with really tiny multicolored glitters.

It’s nail polish orgasm inducing. :))

Step 5: Add a lighter color that will pop out from black,

again, this should be diagonal in the opposite direction.

The last color is my favorite from Caronia, On The Go.

Such a nice color for a local brand.

I have an extra bottle with me just in case they suddenly

stop producing the pastel colors. :))

Step 6 : Finish it off with a top coat!

I used my favorite top coat, Seche Vite, for this

because it has so many layers of polish and I

need it to dry quickly.

Seche Vite makes the drying process 5x faster. 🙂

tip: Always use top coats because it makes your nail polish

 last longer look like it’s freshly applied. 🙂

Here are the nail polish that I used:

(from L-R)

Skinfood VI408, MAC Blue India, Skinfood BW701, Caronia On The Go,

and Avon Speed Dry S105 in Fusion Fusion.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

If you have any requests on what nail art I should

post next, just drop me a comment.

Don’t worry, I don’t bite 😉



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