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09.16.11 Outfit Post x Azta Urban Salon

September 24, 2011

This is what I wore to school last Friday (what is late)

and to Azta Urban Salon appointment.

I went straight from school to the salon’s branch in

Robinson’s Pioneer.

Oh, I just christened this day as my

Last Straight Hair Day. 😛

(corny, I know. :)) )

my grumpy bakit-ang-iniiiiiit-face

Inner Tank Top & Cardigan : Forever 21 || Floral Top : Aeropostale || Skirt : H&M || Sandals : Aldo

I need to find a new backdrop. haha

Anyhoo, I didn’t feel like dressing up last Friday because

I knew I had a long day ahead of me and I had to take the LRT

and MRT to the salon (hello violent and squishing-loving people)

and I even regret wearing a cardigan because it was so crowded in

the train especially in the LRT. 😐

Oh well, it’s done and I did survive :))

Anyway, here are the photos of my

hair transformation 😀

Before Photo

My stylist gave me a haircut and washed my hair

then he parted my hair into sections before applying the

cream section per section.  He left it on my hair for 15 minutes before

he rinsed it off again before putting all the curlers.

I think I made a mistake of deep conditioning my hair that day

because he had a hard time rolling my hair into the curlers because it

was too slippery *oops*.

My head full of curlers.

I even went out of the salon before the heating process

 because I had to go to the CR and turned heads in the mall.

I must have been quite a sight with my head full of curlers

with wires hanging from one end.

After photo, with my hair still wet.

After photo : Dry hair

do ignore my humongous eyebags :))

the back 🙂

This was the first time to have my hair chemically treated

and can I just say I could barely stand the smell of the

gunk they have to put in your hair?? 😐

It was all worth it in the end, but I still think it stinks. haha

The staff and stylists were super friendly

and they even serve you a complimentary drink

( I chose milk tea. Yummy!)

and ply you with lots of fashion magazines.

I enjoyed reading maybe 4 Preview and 2 Cosmopolitan

mags and I still wasn’t done.

The digital perm treatment took more than 4 hours 😮

so yeah, it was a good thing they have new magazines

to keep me entertained.

Will I have my hair permed again?

YES!  The results were really worth the hassle.

By the way, I joined the Like Your Style contest in Azta Urban

and I would really appreciate it if you vote for me 😀

Just click on this link  and like the Azta Urban page then my photo.

I’m not really counting on winning but if I do, well, swerte. 😛

And because I can pick 3 people to take with me to get

free haircut and hot oil treatment every month for three months,

maybe you’ll be one of  them. 😉

Thank you for reading!

I’ll be posting the rest of my backlogs as soon as I finish

editing the photos for the posts.



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