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Blog Challenge Day 17

September 18, 2011

I am so behind my:

1. Outfit Posts

2. Blog Challenge Posts

(solved after I post this)

3. Studying for my Spanish Class

(I should be memorizing stuff instead of watching TV series :|)

Oh well, I’ll deal with 1& 3 tomorrow. Swear. :))

I’ll settle #2 today though.

Today’s topic is:

Top Five Favorite Things To Do Where You Live


1. Being a Bum

Only when I’m in Manila can I sleep late

wake up late and do nothing but eat, watch TV series, movies

and read books till my eyes give up on me, and then sleep again,

without being reproached ūüėÄ

If I’m in Isabela (my home province) I have to be up before 8am

and helping around the family business by 9am.

(possible because it’s about 5 minutes away from my house)

and it goes on every single day.

(lest I want to subject myself to sermons everyday.)

Que barbaridad! :))

2. Dress up

¬†People don’t pay much attention to me

here in Manila even if I’m dressed up.

I say “much” because some people will always stare at you

for no particular reason.

I’ll bet all of you [girls] have been given a onceover by some

random girl in a mall before. :))

But believe me when I say it’s so much less than if you¬†live in the province.

If you wear anything that isn’t denim jeans and shirt combo

you will turn heads left and right.

3. Shopping

There are no good malls in Isabela.

nuff said.

4.  Everything you need is so easy to access

(this is if you have money haha)

We have everything in Manila

(e.g. cooking utensils, ingredients, imported clothes, etc)

you just have to know where to find it and how to get to the place.

5.  Independence (or at least the illusion of it)

My parents live in Isabela

so I feel more free when I’m here

because I don’t have to tell them about

where I am because they can’t keep track of you all the time.



p.s. if you find any misspelled words or sentences with wrong grammar, do forgive me.

I am sooooooo sleepy :)) I promised to edit this again tomorrow.

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