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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 13

September 14, 2011

Topic for today is:


and because I’m being ordered to dream

I might as well dream reeeeal big. :))

1. To be a Famous Fashion Stylist

Well I did say I’ll dream big. haha :))

I am EONS away from being one, much less a professional stylist,

but I’ve wanted to be one ever since I heard

of the profession… maybe 10 years ago :))

I know I still have a lot to learn and go through before becoming

a stylist, I just hope my ultra conservative father

can handle the fact that I want to be one and that

he will support me.

*if you’re wondering why I didn’t mention my mom… well she’s easier to convince :))*

2. Manage my Own Clothing Store

If I can’t be number one, then maybe I’ll put up my own clothing line.

*I don’t mind doing 1 and this together though, dream come true!*

It’s not easy but I think I’ll manage, especially because

I’ll be doing something that I really love.

3. Author

I’ve never said this out loud,

but I’d love to be writer.

This is rather far fetched because I don’t think I’ll

be able to finish writing a book unless there’s a deadline

looming ahead and writing is all I ever have to worry about.

4. Writer

I’d love to be a writer.

Broadsheets, magazines, anything.

5. PR practitioner

If those I mentioned above flops,

then this is a back up job I can do, thanks to my course.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not belittling this profession.

I just know that it’s not something that I want

to do for the rest of my life and neither is it suitable for me.

I hate anything ka plastican and fake

and I tend to speak what I have in mind and forget about the

consequences, but I can’t do that if I’m in PR.

I’ll be labeled a PR n0-n0. haha



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