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Blog Challenge Day 12

September 13, 2011

Last one before the fashyon and nail art posts 😛

Although this is fashion related.



I don’t really abhor any trend but I hate it when people

wear clothes or anything that doesn’t look good on them.

In short, di nila carry.

There are trends that I think looks really horrid

and I will never be caught dead in

(which I will enumerate in a bit)

but let me just clarify that this is just my opinion and that it is relative.

Sometimes, I come across pictures of items that I really dislike,

as in “yuck! ano yan?!” sort of dislike :))

But again, it just depends on who is wearing it

and how they wear it because there are people who can

pull off wearing such horrendous looking stuff

and actually make them look cool.

But anyway, on to the topic.

Here are the Top 5 things I won’t be caught dead in.

1. Creepers

I don’t care if Prada makes them, I an NOT wearing these

horrendous brogues-on-steroids.

I think my feet are chunky enough without me wearing these.


Why will you wear something that will make your bottom

look like it weighs 300 pounds?!

Please enlighten me.

Unless of course you are stick thin, then go knock yourself out

and wear this all you want.

3. Ill-Fitting Corsets

I love corsets and the whole innerwear as outerwear trend

because it makes you look sexy without even trying.

But with the boom of the corset trend came gazillions of

cheap corsets that has horrible fitting.

Either it flattens your chest or it pushes it up to the point that

you are in danger of inhaling your own breasts, OR

the straps are so short the “bra cups”

ends up above your actual breasts

which not only flattens your chest.  It also makes you

look like your breast are half on your chest and half on your neck.

4.  Men Wearing heels

I have nothing against this pump in the picture.

In fact I own one that looks similar to it but

I really can’t fathom why guys would wear these.

It doesn’t look good on you. so WHY?!

unless of course you’re one of the exceptions I stated above.


And here is another trend that I would love

to kill with my bare hands.

Men’s decolletage?

Sorry, but unless you spend all your free time in the

gym or just naturally stick thin, please skip this one.

Or I’ll just look the other way.

After all, we’re all free to wear whatever we want

and we are all free to express our opinions,

albeit, in the right place and time.

What about you?

What are the trends you absolutely abhor?



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