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Blog Challenge Day 11

September 13, 2011

Topic for Today:


Now this is easy.

1. Mandarin


One, it’s the most widely spoken language in the world and

two, I am more than half Chinese

Which I just found out very recently! all along I thought I was only half Chinese!

I’ve been living a lie!

haha okay enough with the exaggeration. :))

moving on..

2. Hokkien

Another Chinese language which is more like a dialect.

It is rarely used in China except in the areas where it is the

native language. But Hokkien is more commonly used

by Chinese people here in the Philippines than Mandarin,

which makes sense for me to want to speak well because I live here :))

I also find it easier to speak in Hokkien than Mandarin.

3. Spanish

One of my favorite European language.

It’s sort of related to Tagalog and other Filipino dialects which

makes it easier to learn than say, French, but it’s still a bit hard.

I’m currently studying in Instituto Cervantes to learn Spanish.

I’m doing okay so far, but I plan to study harder because

I reeeeeally wanna learn to speak Spanish well. πŸ˜›

4. French

Why is everything about France so cool?

Just being able to speak French will make you so much cooler :))

Now if only it wasn’t so hard to learn….

5. Italian

Another language that it somewhat similar to Spanish.

It’s a bit harder though but I find the Italian language so

sexy and malambing, especially when I hear native Italian speaking

with the proper accent.

*heart melts*

okay! one more post and I’m good!



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