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Blog Challenge Day 10

September 13, 2011

I’m sorry for going MIA again

for the past 3 days.

Meaning I have 3 days worth of backlog

for the Blog Challenge and more for my usual posts.

Eek! :))

 I promise to catch on my Blog Challenge today 😀

Topic for Day 10:

Top 5 Reasons You Feel The Way You Do Right Now

1. I feel motivated

I wasn’t feeling so good about myself the past few days which is why I haven’t been writing any posts.

I simply couldn’t motivate myself.  My feelings tends to have a domino effect that lasts for a day.

The moment my day starts to be crappy, it stays crappy for the ENTIRE day and may even last for the next few days unless something happens to change it.  But somehow, Spanish class seems a bit more interesting and I’m feeling rather motivated to learn.  I’m also trying to post regularly instead of when I just feel good enough to write something.

When I get motivated, it makes me want to do well in everything, always.

Now I just hope this feeling lasts long.

2. I Feel Happy and Relieved.  Somewhat

Another reason why I am so motivated is my UK visa was released today.

Which means I am one step closer to really going on my Euro trip.

I’ve been so looking forward to it and it’s finally sinking in that  I am going to Europe!

Now, I just have to ace my interview in the Italian Embassy.

Do wish me luck because apparently they are even more strict than the US embassy. 😐

3. Anxious

I’m running out of allowance for the month and the month is not even halfway through. 😐

4.  Excited

I’m going out with two of my friends this weekend, whom I haven’t seen in

like FOREVER which is why I could barely wait! 😀

5. Nervous

I’m scheduled for an interview in the Italian embassy next week

and I am getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it!

I haven’t gone to a visa application interview alone! :O

I’ll keep my fingers crossed though and hope that I get lucky.

*all photos are from random internet sites*

Will post Day 11 and 12 in a bit!



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