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Blog Challenge Day 9

September 10, 2011

Post # 2 for the day.

Top 5 People You Want To Kill

I was sorely tempted to skip this one as well

but since I already skipped day 7,

I’m compromising by filling this up.

Honestly, the people I’m putting in this list

aren’t worth the effort.

Sure I’ll rant all about them at the most random

times that they do something just to rile me up

but they are not worth becoming a criminal for.

Hell, I don’t even think they’re worth getting stressed over

but isn’t it just fun to rant and bash annoying people occasionally? :))

Heck, they stress you out because they exist, so why

not use them to de-stress? :))

okay I sound positively evil, but you can relate right? ūüėõ

Now, I don’t want any bounty placed on my head

so I’ll use some code names for my list :))

1.  The Mack Truck

This person has all the subtlety and brain of a truck.

Meaning NADA.

Now Mack truck is a pathetic excuse of a person.

Can’t stand on their own feet (read : palamunin)

Total braggart but nothing to brag about.

don’t you just hate these kinds of people?

Biggest backstabbing coward.

This person says you should tell each other

what you think face to face then rants about you online

like the lamest most coward person would.

Really?  Is that the best you got?

The world could do so much better without you.

2. The Pathetic Stick

This person is just like the mack truck.

They should form the

LCF = Lamest Cowards Federation

and put up a blog saying lies and twisted truths about the

people they can’t confront personally.

Except Pathetic Stick tries to get ¬†people’s sympathy

by posing as a totally pitiful loser who deserves your help.

3. The Crazy Turtle 

Nothing makes me angrier than a person

who has the nerve to tell lies with a straight face.

I almost wish I’m an assassin and personally

escort you to hell.

4. The Obnoxious Peacock

Hm.  Have you ever met a person who is so arrogant

and thinks like they are the best thing that’s ever happened

in your life or that they are very popular?

This deluded nitwit will stop at nothing

to make it look like being rich is enough to be the best person ever.

Uh, wake up from your delusions of grandeur.

You need to stand on your own feet first.

5. Stairs

Ah, same team as the peacock.

Total social climbers.  They take advantage of their

popular friends just to make a name for themselves

as people who rub elbows with the rich and famous.

Well, I don’t have to do anything. You’d crash and burn soon enough.

Okay, I’ve unleashed as much “hate” I can

for this post. :))

I don’t really hate these people.

I simply think that they don’t exist because they are

really not worth paying attention to.

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