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Blog Challenge Day 8

September 10, 2011

As Ms. Divine Lee would say,

the barrage of posts I will write today

including this one are

“best in late”.

I’m sorry if I’ve been totally MIA the past few days

I was either busy and down in the dumps

to muster the energy to write.

And I didn’t want to turn my blog into a pity party,

hence the unannounced hiatus.

Anyway, I am back so be ready to read

until your eyes bug out of their sockets.

okay gross, I’m just kidding.

I have to catch up on my 30 day blog challenge

so I’m writing 3 posts today.

I’m skipping day 7  because I

don’t have any favorite historical figures.

The topic will be:

Top 5 Biggest Fictional Crushes

1. Harry Potter

I used to have the biggest mega mega crush on Daniel Radcliffe.

and back in high school, I would cut out his photos from magazines and newspapers

and tuck them in random notebook and textbooks.

Then he grew up.

Oh wait, he didn’t. :))

Okay I am so mean, but really, he just looks really scruffy and weird

nowadays so my girl crush died a fast and painless death.

 Thank goodness.

2. Legolas

Can I just say that I love Orlando Bloom more as blonde than

his original curly black hair?

He is soooo dreamy.

I’d watched LOTR over and over just to get a glimpse of his sexy ass.

I kid.  I ogle his gorgeous mug too.

okay, I’ll stop here before I incriminate myself some more.

3. Kaname Kuran

In case you don’t know him,

he is one of the main characters in a best selling manga,

The Vampire Knight.

Manga – Japanese comics.

He’s a powerful pureblood vampire and though

he may not look like it, he is actually older than both my

grandmothers’ ages, combined and multiplied by 10.

Yes, he is that old.

I was really disappointed when I found out that

Mangafox can’t post Vampire Knight anymore because

it’s been officially published and licensed in Japan. 😦

oh well.. I still have…

4.  Cadis Etrama De Raizel

Yet another breathtakingly gorgeous fictional creature.

He makes me want to turn manga

characters into living, breathing human beings.

Just so I can —————.

“Rai” is one of the most powerful characters in the

Korean Manhwa “Noblesse”.

He’s quiet, mysterious and just plain awesome! :))

Head over to mangafox and check out this manhwa.

You do not want to miss all the handsome creatures

and the action in it. 😛

5. Takeo

This is a fan art.

Takeo is one of the human mutants in Noblesse

and he is usually seen bearing shotguns and

shooting bad guys from a distance.

He’s a crack shot with any kind of firearm

and he has really cute funny faces in

awkward situations.

I am so dumping all my backlog. :))

Wait for it. 😛



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