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Blog Challenge Day 6

September 7, 2011

Hola! I’m posting reeeal late again

and this isn’t the only post for the day.

At least it’s still Sept. 7 yes?

Anyway, this is the 6th day of the blog challenge

which means I’m 20% done with this challenge

(yes, I’m really keeping count haha)

So here are 5 things that happened to me this year

(the note worthy ones)

1. Started a personal/fashion blog

I’ve always wanted to blog but laziness always got better of me.

And when I did start one,  I can’t think of anything to write or

I’m too weary to write yet again after writing a ton of papers or doing school work that

I just stopped and deleted it.

But now, I’m actually attached to my blog

and I won’t be abandoning it anytime soon. :))

2. Lost someone important

It was my thesis defense the day my angkong (grandfather) got hospitalized after he was diagnosed with severe lung cancer.  He passed away barely a month after that and he was buried the day after my birthday.  I never thought I would have a birthday where I wouldn’t want anyone to greet me.

All I can remember when someone does is that my angkong is gone.

The last day of his wake was my birthday and I was asked to give a eulogy.  I wrote it in planner so I will never forget about it.

Here’s what I said:

It was april 12 when angkong was admitted in the hospital. the same day as my thesis defense. I wasn't able to go that
day but i didn't think it was urgent because he was still strong the last time i saw him.

I wasn't prepared to see him in his hospital bed, barely able to walk or sit.  It was so hard watching him suffer 
knowing there is nothing i can do to help him.

I often wonder and question why he has to go through this illness and terrible pain. 
 Last monday when ate nocelle 
called me to tell me that angkong is gone, I was both relieved and very sad.

I was relieved because his suffering has come to an end.  And I was very sad because he is gone forever.

Angkong is the most unselfish, kind and generous person i know.  I've never seen him angry or yell at anyone.  

I think everyone who knows him can attest to that.  I only have good memories of him and I will cherish every one of them.

This is my first birthday without him.

It is so hard knowing that I will never see him sitting in his office anymore.  I won't see him smile or hear him 
laugh again.

A few weeks ago, I saw this board that says: A grandfather's love warms the hearts of his grandchildren forever. 

He will indeed warm and live in our hearts forever.

I was always comforted with the fact that angkong is always there and willing to help when you need it.  I remember him buying me my first laptop for college and even though it's already broken, I can't bear to just throw it away.  

And I am going way off topic and crying just remembering it.  Will stop now.  I’ll reserve the sobfest for another day.

Moving on!

3. Graduated from College 


No words can describe how happy I was

after we passed our thesis defense and confirmed that

we are graduating!

After a month and a half of waiting,

I finally marched up that stage in PICC to receive

my “fake” diploma in a classic black dress and pearls. :))

There is no other feeling like it.

well except maybe if I graduated with honors 😛

4. Got addicted to milk tea

Being Chinese, I was always more fond of tea than coffee.

I’ve been drinking milk tea even before the

boom of all the stores selling milk tea in all  flavors imaginable.

But I’ve tried a few of them and here are my favorites 🙂

– Horlicks Tea from Zen Tea

– Hokkaido Milk Tea from Serenitea

– Green Tea with Rocksalt and Cheese from Happy Lemon

– Macha Milk Tea with Red Bean from Chatime

5. Got into listening to metal music

I’m not a metalhead yet.  

But I’ve taken in to listening to a lot of metal music

both local and foreign bands.

I cannot believe how many talented

Filipino musicians there are, just waiting to be discovered.

Try listening to my favorite Filipino rock/metal bands and

you will never look at OPM the same way again.

a.  Fuseboxx

– my favorite local band.

The first time I listened to this band play,

I was awed by their vocalist, Abby Clutario.

She plays the chapman stick and keyboards, sometimes at the same time, while singing.

click this link to watch the official music video of their song Pagbalik.

and like their Facebook page for more info.

I swear you will not regret it. I’m not surprised that they are slowly being  recognized internationally as a progressive metal/rock band.

This band is EPIC.

b.  Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus

If you think the band name sounds creepy, well that’s because they play

horror rock/metal music.

Definitely not for the scaredy cats or the faint of heart.

I often play it out loud and my sister hates me for it

because she gets creeped out. :))

I think I’ve overused their band page because

I play their songs over and over and over before

I got a copy of their CD :))

Now I just overuse the copies in my iPod.

as for the International bands…

I listen to Cain’s Offering, Circus Maximus, Kamelot,

AC DC, Metallica, and Russel Allen & Jordan Lande.

I blame my addiction to the person who introduced these bands to me :))

They’re mostly power metal, no growling

or at least it’s minimal, so I think some of you

will be able to appreciate their music too. 🙂

Do tell me what you think.



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