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Blog Challenge Day 5

September 6, 2011

First milestone of the 30 day blog challenge.

It’s the 5th day! 😀 😀

So far I’ve completed 1/6 of the challenge including this post

which is about… drumroll please!


1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

You must be thinking:

Of all the grand places in the world, you have to pick a backwater country

with lumps of decaying old stones as tourist attraction??!

My answer:

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve been there yourself.

Angkor Wat is simply magical.

I will never regret spending my 18th birthday here instead of having a grand debut.

(going around the Bayon temple  while sitting on top of an elephant, no less)

It’s like being in another world in another time.

Despite the hot weather, it’s cool inside the ruins

and it has a mystical energy that seems to wrap around you

and makes you feel like you’re in another dimension where

problems do not exist and all there is to do

is to discover the history of the temples and learn

about the Cambodian culture.

I’m definitely coming back for a five day trek in all the

old temples in Siem Reap. ❤

2. Paris, France

The city of lalala -love.

Need I say more?

(maybe I will after I visit it :D)

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the most bustling and alive cities I’ve ever been to.

Anytime you walk on the streets, you will see

a wide variety of people walking around.

Girls in colorful outfits that ranges from whimsical, glamorous and gothic.

Working people, students and tourists.

You might even come across individuals that looks like

they stepped out of manga page.

Definitely one of the best places to people-watch.

One thing I can say about Japan, it will never be boring.

Just a trip to a convenience store will make you

“ooh” and “ahhh” over their unique food flavors and drinks.

It’s also very safe.

My sister and I used to go around the current city we’re in

to hunt for this yakult like drink in a 500mL tetra pack,

and our parents don’t even mind that we’re out of their sight.

And even at night, the city feels so calm and tranquil I couldn’t

resist going for a walk after dinner before heading back to the hotel.

4. Lucerne, Switzerland

5. Venice, Italy

For the last two,

I don’t have much to say since I’ve never been

there and I don’t really know what the cities feel like.

But judging by the photos and on what I’ve read,

Lucerne and Venice are

frequented by tourists because of the unique atmosphere.

Both cities are quaint, old and beautiful.

Wouldn’t you love to live in a house overlooking the river

and with a night view like these?

I know I would! 😀

What about you?

where would you want to live?


Maybe I’ll edit this after my visit to Europe.

I haven’t written a word about my plans for this year’s

holiday because I didn’t want to jinx it

and it might get cancelled. :))

But now that I’ve actually submitted my application

forms for the Schengen visa in UK and Italian embassy,

It’s beginning to sink in and it’s actually

making me really giddy about my vacation. 😀

The last hurrah before I start looking for a job.

My interview for the UK Visa will be on Thursday 😐

I’m feeling kind of nervous, so do wish me luck 😀



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