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Something Old, Something New

September 4, 2011

I’ve been thinking of what will look good with

this vintage skirt I chanced upon in an ukay ukay.

I think I got it for 60 pesos :))

and I haven’t worn it yet.

my hairbun is hiding again 😦

vote for my look in Chictopia! 🙂

Striped top : Forever 21 || Lace tank top : Thrifted || Skirt : Thrifted || Belt : Celine || Vest : Vintage || Boots : Schu

Accessories : Random

stubborn bangs…

stolen shot :))

Thank goodness for inspirations that seems to

pop out of nowhere, I remembered this striped top

that I got about a year ago from f21.

I paired it with that and a lace tank top,

added a belt and an old crochet vest and my

combat shoes from Schu 😀

which I like to call combat schus :))

I just piled on the accessories that are within reach

et voila!

Vintage chic.

This isn’t my usual style but blogging makes

me want to experiment and explore

what other styles I’m comfortable with and which ones I can pull off. :))

What do you think?

Did I pull off this vintage look

or do I look like I’m trying too hard? :))

By the way, I bought this Ever Bilena loose powder last Friday.

Couldn’t resist it when I saw it in Robinson’s Dept. store :))

It looks exactly like the ones from Revlon but this one is waaay cheaper.

I might post a review about this some time soon.

One last thing, my baby dog Bean wants to say “Hi”

to all my (inexistent) readers.

isn’t she cute? :))

Her hair is getting longer and it makes her look unkempt.

I swear I brush her hair everyday but one

“pagpag” from her and it looks like it’s never seen a comb.

Which makes her look even more adorable :))

well that’s all for today! 🙂



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