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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 1

September 2, 2011

If you’re a regular reader

(asa naman ako na may regular readers ako no? haha!)

you would know that I don’t write posts everyday.

Too lazy for that :))

But that’s about to change because two of my friends

[Camille of Spoonful of Thoughts    &   Migz of Thoughts Without Words]

and I have decided to take on a

30 Day Blog Challenge

and it starts today.

Today’s Topic:

Top 5 Favorite Excuses

Hm.  I don’t  skip class or anything a lot

so I don’t have a lot of excuses.

(or maybe I just don’t want to put it here because some people might figure it out HAHA)

1.  I need new ________ for this class/report/event.

– This rates as top 1 because this is my go-to excuse when I really

NEED (or want) to shop and I am so broke :))

My mom can’t say no if I need new clothes/shoes for a

major class report or my thesis defense right? 😛

It always always works! haha

This is how I convinced her to get me a DSLR.  But I really did need it for class. 😛

2.  Mana ako sa iyo eh

– My mom was poking fun at me last month during her sister’s visit

saying I’m similar to my cousin and that we’re both mataray

and we’d probably end up fighting if we’re with each other.

Then my dad suddenly said this : Mana sa inyo.


winner! =))

I’ll try saying this the next time she says na masungit ako.

I’ll run away right after saying it of course :p

3. I have to study for a test

– who hasn’t pulled this lame excuse when you don’t feel like

running errands or going out with someone?

Sure it’s unoriginal, reaaaally lame and nerdy to boot, but it works 😛

Even if you’re only playing, reading ebooks or watching movies on your laptop :))

4. I have to meet my thesismates 

-Ah.  Another classic excuse that parents can’t say “no” to.

If number 3 is for when you want to stay in the house.

This one is for when you HAVE TO go out and they won’t accept any other excuse.

Thesis is thesis and they won’t keep you from

“meeting with your thesismates” because they

wouldn’t want you to fail it now, do they?

tip: just don’t go out wearing party clothes because that’s the most stupid way to get busted.

5.  Sorry Sobrang Traffic kasi!

– When you’re running late and you couldn’t think of any other excuse :))

Even when the roads are so clear you could probably play patintero on it.

Well, lagi ka na rin lang hinahassle ng traffic so

might as well use it to your advantage sometimes, yes?

Sorry if my excuses are lame :))

Di ako ganon kagaling gumawa ng palusot eh haha!


What about you?

Do you have favorite excuses that you want to  share?



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  1. March 14, 2012 12:05 am

    Reblogged this on theitgirldaily and commented:
    this looks interesting maybe i’ll do it! 😀

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