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Prettiest Shade of Red

August 17, 2011

I’m lagging behind my posts. again.

Sorry for that.  It’s been a bit crazy lately

because I have to go to school in the afternoon and

go out with my tito and tita before and after class.

My parents are coming over tomorrow too. 😮

So before the room invasion begins,

I want to share with you how amazingly gorgeous

the Essie Beverly Hills nail polish turned out.



with Sally Hansen super shine top coat.


It’s the prettiest shade of red I’ve ever seen.

I rarely paint my nails with just one color

and when I do it has to have designs on it.

But this nail polish is just too amazing on it’s own

it’s blasphemous to add anything that will detract from it’s beauty.

It might look rather ordinary in the photo

but it looks stunning in real life.

Gazillions of gold flecks winks back at me

whenever the light shines on my nails.

The ultimate red carpet nail polish 😀


There were some rather ugly incidents that happened

in class yesterday and some of my classmates and

I had to report it to the school admin.

I won’t elaborate on it here since I don’t

really want to re-live it.

It better not happen again though.

Once is more than enough.

level 2 will start tomorrow.



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