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Perfectly Imperfect Combination

August 12, 2011

I felt like crap yesterday because

it’s that time of the month

plus it began to rain right when I was about to leave the house. 😐

The perfect combination for an imperfect day.

Which explains the title of this post.


I was late for school, couldn’t concentrate

and I was just plain CRANKY.


I still have outfit photos though.

Here’s what I wore.

Top : Eastwood Bazaar || Leggings : Freeway || Boots : Aldo || Bag : Celine || Skull Necklace : Mental

I was supposed to wear flats but

I didn’t want to get my feet soaked in rain water

so I changed into my boots.

If you follow me on twitter

you might have seen my tweet about making a

sloppy shirt look decent at last.

This is the shirt I was talking about.

I wore it as a dress/long top but it’s actually a

XXXL shirt with super long and loose sleeves.

I was about to cut off the sleeves the night before

because they wouldn’t stay cuffed no matter how many times

I roll them back.  Even safety pins couldn’t hold ’em up.

And then I spotted some rubber bands. 😀

Shortened and puffy sleeves = Check!

The wideness of the shirt was easily solved

by cinching it with a thin belt at the waist.

et voila!

Perfect sleeves and fit! :))

One of my classmates even asked me where I bought my “dress”

She was surprised to know that :

1. It’s actually an over-oversized shirt

2.  It’s only 150 bucks

I went to Glorietta after class to window shop

(and ended up buying a ton of accessories)

while waiting for my friends.

I found some:

rings and a set of bangles.

I forgot to take a photo of the bangles though.

My friend JA dropped me off at my place

after dinner and look!  this was waiting for me 😀

Spike necklace! ❤

I got it from Extreme Finds 🙂

And because I’m not yet satisfied with that accessory haul

I picked up these really gorgeous  items today 😀

They’re dainty, eye-catching and don’t look like

most of the feather earrings that’s being sold online.

Is it just me or are they all starting to look alike?

I don’t usually go for dainty looking stuff

but the details of this pair is just too cute to pass up!

Can’t wait to wear them! ❤

This necklace is so edgy/vintage.

wanna know what makes it a good bargain?

It’s reversible!

Two necklaces for the price of one. ❤

I got them from Parade Manila. 🙂

Go check out their facebook page and

pick out something for yourself.

Oh, did I mention that the owners are so accomodating?

I really appreciate it when sellers make an effort

to be friendly to customers and it makes me want to check out their stuff again.

It’s rather annoying when online sellers

act like they don’t care whether you buy from them

and can’t be bothered to answer your questions.

Just because you don’t see your customers face to face

it doesn’t mean you can ignore them or not treat them well.

You might not know it but you are losing

customers because of the attitude.

(and I’m being cranky again)

What do you think?

Am I making any sense here

or do you think I really am cranky? :))

No outfit post for this day.

But I did post my new accessories to make up for it 😀

Thank you for reading!




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